Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Not at All!

Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor

Karol Dziuba and Maurycy Popiel
Karol Dziuba and Maurycy Popiel femulate Baccara on Polish television’s Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo (Your Face Sounds Familiar). View this femulation on YouTube by clicking here.


  1. That is the ultimate dream for this crossdresser. To have a nice gentleman take me out on an actual date.

  2. I've been reading CD/TG magazines and books for nearly 70 years. There's one consistent thing in them all. When the dominatrix takes some rube into her charge to feminize him. they guy's generally a real schlub. The features of his face are usually sharp and his body is usually straight up and down. Then the mysterious part comes in. I don't mean the dominatrix parts, because we know the transforming power of clothes, wigs and makeup. But our "rube" pretty much always turns into a beauty-queen. Somehow our rube has gotten a perfect hourglass shape, his legs are nearly s long and striking as Stana's legs, and all the angular sharpness in his face have become smooth lines. All my life I've been looking for such a magical transformation, but I haven't found it yet!

  3. The opening photo caption reminds of something I think of quite often and will try here to put into words. If (and hopefully when!) it becomes socially acceptable for anyone to dress and act in a way to express their own true selves, will that change the type or number of people we would be attracted to or even want to have a relationship with? For example: would my strong attraction to the look, personality, etc of a person (like the CD in the red dress) outweigh any question/thought about what's tucked away under that irresistible exterior?