Monday, February 19, 2024

Femulate Her

Sally asked in a comment, “Stana, I have a question about your ‘Femulate Her’ section. How many of the girls in this section have actually been boys femulating? Any of them?”

My reply was “As far as I know, none of the girls in the Femulate Her section were femulating boys.”

I added, “The purpose of the Femulate Her section is to provide examples of cisgender women that boys can try to emulate/femulate.”

I am repeating this exchange here because not everybody reads the Comments especially since they may appear days or weeks after the original post. Also because if Sally asked, then there may be other readers who wondered the same thing.

Femulate Her is intended to serve as an inspiration for emulators like you and me. We will probably never come close to matching the images posted in the Femulate Her section, but we can try.

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Ramy Brook

Dwight Ewell
Dwight Ewell femulating in the 2002 film The Guru.


  1. You are a pretty woman; lucky you. Most of us have to struggle to pass and not provoke problems in public. My goal is to be anonymous. fortunately, I've enough female friends with whom I can spend some time, including shopping, lunching out and cinema visits.

  2. I find that I get more ideas for femulation from you and a handful of other femulating bloggers than I get from cis women. In different ways, you, Kandi of Kandi's Land, Lynn of YATGB, Hannah McKnight and Franziska all inspire me.

    Incidentally, i think that dress at the top of today's post looks better with dark hosiery. Some cis women should be taking their fashion lead from you, Stana, rather than the other way round!

    Penny from Edinburgh.

    1. Hi Penny, I agree! While I long to wear each outfit in the Femulate Her photos, I find true inspiration from the Femulators who transform drab into beauty.

      And Stana has certainly proven herself to be a fashion role model for our community❤️

  3. I see women who really don't have a sense of style from the clothes they wear to eye makeup. I feel that as a man I could give them hints of gaining a better appearance.
    I'm fortunate to have a feminine appearance so it's no problem for me to wear dresses, heels, and makeup. I don't even arouse a reaction when I talk with my bass voice.