Friday, February 9, 2024

The Rest of the Story

Paula asked for the rest of the story regarding my 1983 Halloween photo accompanying Wednesday’s post, so here it is.

Newlyweds, we were invited to a Halloween party hosted by a co-worker about three months after The Great Purge of 1983.  I convinced my spouse to go as opposite genders, which required me to reacquire what I had purge.

It was 40 years ago, so my recollection is spotty. I do recall that I borrowed the cape from my sister-in-law (thank you, Helene) – I had to purchase everything else.

I was working in Danbury at the time and there was a wig shop conveniently located within walking distance of my office. So I sashayed over there one lunch hour and two young saleswomen dropped everything to help me when I revealed my plans for Halloween.

I asked to see some brunette wigs, but they insisted that I go blonde. As they say, “the customer is always wrong,” so I purchased the blonde wig you see in the photo.

I don’t recall where I purchased the dress, heels, hosiery or unmentionables. I also don’t recall what unmentionables I wore, nor what jewelry I wore.

I borrowed my wife’s makeup, did my face, got dressed and we headed out the night of the party. On arrival, I shocked everyone. One pretty cat woman, who I did not know, asked me, “Are you a guy?” And that was the highlight of the evening for me!

Word got around at work on Monday and one of my wise guy co-workers asked, “Do you like boys?”

I retorted, “Why? Do you want a date?”

And so it goes!

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Bill Kaulitz
Bill Kaulitz


  1. Such a fun story and beautiful photos in both posts:) And that was the perfect reply to the office wise guy!

  2. 40 years ago! that took major cojones (sorry) to go femme then. good job!

  3. I have to say, you have great legs now, and I see where they came from. You had awesome legs back then—definitely a great job with your femulation. It must’ve been so much fun. I love how you went down to the wig shop without any inhibitions, and your destiny was set in stone when those two saleswomen kissed you with a blonde crown of tresses . I may have said this before, but it amazes me how long we’ve been doing this and how we’ve stuck with it for so many years and how the flame burns so bright. Thanks for sharing that special Halloween memory with us. Paula G

  4. Rachel McNeillFebruary 10, 2024

    Love your retort to the office smart-aleck.

    Years ago, my wife and I, who was in boy mode, were walking down the street on our way to dinner when a group of four or five very well heeled gay men (I suppose they were gay; I don't know) came walking toward us.

    After they had passed by, my wife said, "I'm going to turn around and punch that one guy."

    "Why?" I asked.

    She said, "He was checking you out up and down and undressing you in his mind all the way down the block." (I hadn't noticed).

    I started to turn around, and my wife said, "Where are YOU going?"

    I said, "they looked like they had MONEY."