Friday, February 23, 2024

High Heels Are Good For You!

I received a number of emails about a study that claims that wearing high heels may be good for you. According to the study, women and men who wore the heels the most became better, more efficient walkers.

Meg Winters kindly gifted us the Washington Post article so that non-subscribers can read the it, too. Click here to read it.

30 Million!

Monday morning, the visitor count for this blog hit 30,000,000! Wow!

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Wearing Paige

Frankie Thomas
Frankie Thomas femulating as a nurse in the 1938 film Nancy Drew, Detective.


  1. High heels are becoming something of a rarity. Some of the time I'm the ONLY person wearing high heels on Sunday morning. Wearing them some of the time have helped me to improve my balance. I also like how they raise my height.


  2. Congrats 👏🎉 on 30 Million!

  3. Congratulations on your blog milestone <3

  4. Congratulations on 30M hits. That's impressive but well deserved. Keep up the good work. Sue x

  5. Congratulations on reaching 30M Stana! It just proves we are a large and vital community!

    I don't know I I have received any benefits from wearing high heels other than loving how I feel in them and how cute they look but I like what the article says!


  6. WOW congratulations on 30 MILLION.

  7. 30,000,000! , Well you know , once a Femulator always a Femulator , a girl can only run away and purge from transfeminine feelings for so long and then has a Must to return to her Desires and be counted in the 30,000,000.

  8. Congratulations!

  9. I'm not sure if my time in heels has made me a more efficient walker (as the study in the WP article suggests), but I'm on cloud 9 any time I get to spend a few hours in my 5" stilettos. Listening to my heels tap on the hardwood floor, seeing how long and toned my legs all makes me very happy and happiness leads to increased well-being, so my unofficial study concludes that high heels are good for you👠