Thursday, February 8, 2024

But what about the girdle?

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JP Blush
Nigerian femulator JP Blush


  1. Don't worry about the girdle, he performs best under pressure

  2. JP Blush reminds me of Shalita Grant from NCIS New Orleans

  3. As a child of the 1950's and a teenager of the 1960's I fondly remember my mother's pull-on open bottom girdle. Of course I had to wiggle into it; how else would the traditional stocking be held up? The downside was the impressions the seams would make on my butt. Once I had the apartment to myself so I wiggled into a girdle one morning. When I pulled if off...."Yikes! There was those impressions and I had a medical physical appointment in the afternoon for a job with UPS. I kneaded and kneaded by skin until it was time to leave for the appointment. I was too mortified to look during the physical if those impressions had disappeared. It did not get the job. Today, I have a nice collection of foundation garments; long-line bras, control panties, open bottom girdles, garter-girdles, but my favorites are two black and white control full slips.

  4. Where are these magical offices with these fabulous dress codes? I think it may be time for a career changeđź‘ 

  5. Who wouldn't want to have a dress code of a skirt suit? Yes please!

  6. I just don't see any kind of dress code to force men to wear formal women's outfits any time soon. I as a man show up in plenty of places as being the only one wearing a dress.


  7. What is with the AI trend, or trend in general, to depict crossdressers with beards or beard shadow ? I don't get it. Is it now the rage for some reason that I haven't gotten the email yet ?
    Anyway, it reminds me of a Eurovision singer years ago who was a man presenting as a woman with a superb female voice, hair perfect, clothes stunning, nice make-up, yet had a full beard. Yikes.
    Angel Amore

    1. Not all men have beard shadows. I don't have one as my whiskers are grey (and used to be reddish brown) so they don't show. I can even go a day after shaving without my whiskers being noticeable.

  8. Love the business suit look! Every dress code must include a firm girdle, longline bra, slip and nylons!