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Fathers and Daughters

In my previous post, I discussed crossdressing fathers’ relationship with their sons. I do not have a son, so my thoughts on the matter were speculative. However, I do have a daughter, so I can write about daughters with some authority.

My daughter is my biggest supporter. She has happily accompanied me out among the civilians on a number of occasions. 

The daughter of another girl I know was just as willing as my daughter to accompany her Dad wherever he wanted to go and when her Dad transitioned, nothing changed between her and her father.

I think that, in general, it’s a “daddy’s little girl” thing, that is, girls are closer to their fathers than their mothers. The bond can be so strong that a father’s crossdressing is not a deal breaker. 

That was certainly the situation with my daughter. We were as thick as thieves when she was growing up and when I revealed my penchant to dress en femme, it was not a bump in the road. Her only concern was that her friends not know, but in her twenties, it no longer mattered and she was comfortable when I was dressed in the presence of her boyfriends. And so it goes.

Thinking back to my Monday post, “Our Female Fans,” it may be a little of that, too, where females are OK with crossdressing males as long as it’s not their husband who is crossdressing. A daughter is invested differently with her father than a wife with her husband. A daughter did not choose a crossdressing father, whereas a wife did choose or chooses to stay with a husband who crossdresses, so it does not reflect badly on the daughter – she had no choice. 

I believe that a father’s relationship with his children regarding his crossdressing is likely to be better with a daughter than a son, but I know of a girl with two daughters. One is OK with her father’s crossdressing, while the other is not; so much so that she broke off all relationships with her father. So it’s a crapshoot.

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Peter Alexander
Peter Alexander femulating in the 1961 Austrian film Die Abenteuer des Grafen Bobby.


  1. A young teenaged girl has three looks that she works on, either consciously or unconsciously. Those looks are "classy, sassy, and trashy." It seems ironic that the AI generated image of the daughter is total "trashy", while the father's look is a cross between classy and sassy. I find it interesting that the AI image would generate that trashy image. Can anyone explain it?
    Angel Amore

    1. In all honesty these images of five o'clock shadowed men in dresses alienates me from whatever crossdressing world I live in. I don't have any false ideas of how I look when I'm dressed up as a woman, but it's not that. Those images make me want to hide my secret more carefully.

  2. Hi,
    Greetings from Sydney, Australia. Both my daughters know about my crossdressing and have seen me dressed. It doesn't bother them that I know. I was coming out of the closet twenty some years ago when they were in their mid to late teens, so a lot of sneaking around was going on in the house. They have both bought me Christmas and birthday presents for my female self over the years, as has my wife. My wife will interact with me in the house dressed, but will not go out with me. Fortunately, I have an amazing number (5) of cisgender girlfriends who have been on many long lunches and shopping with my female self. Two husbands of the above have met me dressed and are quite happy to interact with me dressed.
    Back to my daughters, my eldest sees me the most dressed, she has even lent me her car to go shopping dressed. My youngest has been my biggest ally over the years, but has a not quite four year old. To him I am Poppy.
    Love Karen E. Lea

  3. I have been fortunate in that my only child (daughter) has been one of my biggest allies. Even to the point of having a transgender grand child!

  4. A " father’s relationship with his children regarding his crossdressing is likely to be better with a daughter " Yes ! I Feel for Sure this is true with most daughters .

  5. Obviously each person's situation is different and I think it also depends on where they are on their CD journey. My son and daughters are grown and I don't feel the need to upset the apple cart of our relationship by telling them that dad likes to wear heels and hose and a dress in the privacy of his home. Perhaps if I dressed more fully with makeup etc and/or went out into the wild world I would feel differently. In that situation, I think I would want them to hear openly and honestly from me about my CD life instead of potentially finding out second hand. I think...

  6. Frankly, I am not sure how my son or daughter would react to my cross dressing,but my hunch is my son would not be receptive. My daughter? She has a counseling business and her on-line presence offers among therapy issues, LGBTQ+. I think would do better with my granddaughter. As an infant, when my wife and I babysat her extensively, she slept on my chest as I reclined in my chair. I think my heart beat brought about a lot of nurturing between she and I.

  7. I have the opposite, my daughter is very judgemental, while my son is not concern with it.

  8. On a related note, I did an iMDB search on Peter Alexander and found that he did a few crossdressed roles. Hmmmmmmm