Monday, August 7, 2023

Stuff 4

By J.J. Atwell

Hello All

JJ is back with more stuff!  I have much appreciated the feedback I’ve seen about my previous stuff. Please keep it coming. 

For those that missed the previous installments, I’ll recap. The column is called “Stuff” because I couldn’t think of a more descriptive title. I’m covering a wide range of things and this column is a place for my stuff. So on to installment number four.  

Hair - How to get it and how to lose it

Remember the play Hair from the 60s? No? Well, you might remember the song that went with it. I’ll give you a few minutes to search for it before you continue reading my stuff.

Hair is one of the most enjoyable and yet troubling aspects of being a CD. First we need to get rid of hair in places that most women don’t have any – face, arms, legs, torso. Then we need to add hair where most women do have it – on their head.  

How to lose it

Getting rid of hair on the face is fairly easy – most of us just shave. The trick is to get a really close shave before putting on your makeup.  

For special outings at night, I’ve gone to my local massage/spa shop for a facial in the morning. In the afternoon, it’s time to shower. At this point, it’s getting the face clean before shaving with a new blade. Then I shave again to make sure I’ve gotten it all. After getting out of the shower, it’s time for a color correcting moisturizer. Usually at that point, I need to cool off before starting to apply makeup. 

But what about unwanted hair elsewhere? I’ve tried shaving, epilating, waxing and hair removal creams. They all work to some extent or other. I think whatever works best for you is a matter of trial and error. In terms of ease, shaving the legs in the shower seems to be the easiest for me. I especially love the feeling of applying lotion to my smooth legs when I get out of the shower.  

Waxing is an interesting option. If done right it will leave the area hair free for a week or more. Repeating it over time will greatly reduce the regrowth. Just be warned – it hurts!!!  After a few sessions, you’ll get used to it, but we must suffer for our beauty.  

Epilating is also a bit painful, but the pain is something you have a little control over. Of course, waxing and epilating both yank out the hair at the root so regrowth should eventually lessen over time.  

I’ve never tried electrolysis or laser hair removal, so I can’t comment on either of those options. 

That’s all the stuff I’ve got about loosing unwanted hair.  

I’ll be back

That’s it for today. I know I just covered the part about loosing unwanted hair. Getting feminine hair will be the subject of the next installment. I hope my stuff gives you something to think about. In the meantime I’d welcome comments here on the blog or by email at Jenn6nov at-sign gmail dot com.

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  1. 2 little adds...

    Baby oil feels great on newly smooth skin

    If you try chemical depilatories... test well in advance of any event, and test a small less visible patch. Allergies and skin reactions occur. I was glad the breakout was on a small area of my ribs than over all my legs.

    1. A very good caution about testing the skin first. Also, it helps to moisturize the area after you are done.

  2. Your contributions here are much appreciated, JJ. But if you'll excuse me for being a stickler, the word is "lose" not "loose". The latter would be used in a sentence like this: "The cross-dresser unbound her ponytail and, with a shake of her head, she set her long hair loose." Cheers.

    1. Thanks for the correction. That "lose"/"loose" think is one that I often get wrong. JJ

    2. the problem is too many of us lose their hair, not loose it....

  3. The modern couple photo made me chuckle. I have a female friend who is only 4’10” [to my 6’ plus heels] and despite her being over 40 there have been occasions where the assumption was we were mother and daughter!

  4. I have found that bleaching my leg hair lets me have manly, hairy legs in the summer, but smooth looking legs in hosiery as well. Unfortunately, Surgi Cream Bleach, my favorite, is no longer being made. I use Sally Hansen instead.