Wednesday, August 30, 2023

24 Hours

By Tami Knight

Sunday was to be busy. 

Here goes: I had a hair appointment at 9 AM with Tiff who has a small salon in her home. First priority was a brand-new R. Lauren dark navy pleated midi skirt. I added a yellow sleeveless top and a pair of Nicky Hilton ballet flats trimmed in yellow to tie it all together. With a thin ¾-length sweater over my shoulders and a quick stop at Starbucks, where I received a compliment, I was sitting in church at 10 AM, hair looking great! 

The pastor’s first request was that everyone stand and say hello to as many others as they can. This was fun as several people shook my hand and asked me to come to coffee after the service. Afterwards I met several people including one woman (and her husband), who I had much in common with as she lives on a lake where I was born. Lots of memories were shared.

I had a mani/pedi appointment at 12.30, so I headed home to change. Madewell jeans, Joie floral top, Ann Klein short camel collarless blazer and brown croc loafers would get me through rest of the day. I rushed the tech a bit on the pedi; I had a flight in three hours and I like to be early.

As soon as I was dry, I was in the car with a Pepsi and headed to the Detroit airport for a flight to Arizona. I am always in pre-check, but this afternoon my driver license was rejected and TSA sent me to the regular line. This was a first! In the regular line, my license was again rejected and they sent me back to the AA desk to figure it out. Turns out, someone had input my birthday wrong by two years, so this was fixed quickly.

Back in line at the pre-check, I sailed through with a smile. But set off the alarm due to the brand-new hip and was asked to step into that other scanner. 

Finally, I had time to kill, so I had a salad at Outback and chatted with the people at the next table. Once on the plane, I opened my copy of the Presidential Records Act to prepare for a good conversation with an attorney friend of mine who had provided me with all the pleadings in Trump’s indictment. The young man to my left noticed my reading and asked if I worked “on the hill” and I had to explain that the preparation was only for a good conversation with a friend. My seatmate said he had worked there and that led to another interesting exchange.

Once in Dallas waiting for my connection, I stopped at MAC to try something new and see a new friend who works there.

After much delay at the gate, another couple and I boarded one after another,and once seated the woman, explained that she and her husband were just getting back from Paris. That led to another fun talk about each of our many trips there.

I arrived in Arizona late, got to bed even later. Arizona time is three hours later than Michigan time and I, of course, wake at 3 AM! So I got busy for the coming day. I threw on some shorts, a cute crocheted white top and white tennies. Did hair and makeup (light) and I am off to my coffee shop that opened at 6 AM for a breakfast burrito. There was a line at the door and two gentlemen asked me to go ahead of them. “Paying customers first, Ma'am.”  I thanked them. More corny jokes followed.

My interest in sharing this busy 24 hours is that I couldn’t count the number of people who were so pleasant, friendly, helpful, sincere, interested and interesting, all condensed in a 24-hour day. 

My idea of fun!

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

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  1. Tami, you just describe the perfect day of 99% of all Femulate readers (big sigh)
    What a wonderful trip what a wonderful day and exchange with all of your travelers. Oh and yes, on a practical point it's important to get to the airport early when things like this happen. Does you driver's license have a male name and picture or female? I am curious how this goes with today's TSA? --Paula G

    1. Paula, My DL is male, and TSA could care less. They are very accommodating, as are all the airline people. To be fair, I pass quite easily and interact with any passenger without a second thought. And it is fun to have a guy offer to put my bag in the overhead!