Friday, August 4, 2023

Is My Skirt Too Short?

I have lost count the number of times I have gone out en femme and wondered about the length of my skirt (or lack thereof).

I am tall. The selection and availability of skirts and dresses in “tall” sizes is limited; even more so if you prefer something that is fashionable.

I am a fashionista and I prefer fashionable over practical, so most of the skirts and dresses I buy are cut for females of average rather than tall height. As a result, a hem above the knee for a female of average height turns out to be way above the knee on me. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I have shapely legs, or so I’ve been told. My mother often said I should have been a “girl” because I have such nice legs. The SO of a trans-friend of mine calls me “Leggy.” Countless other people claim that I have great legs. So, a short skirt on me is nothing to be ashamed of. And as they say, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

On the other hand, I don’t want to expose everything. So I go by the rule that my hemline should be no shorter than where the tips of my fingers reach down when standing upright . I will admit that at times, I have violated that rule, but most of the time, I try to be a good girl and follow it.

And so it goes.

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  1. You do have great legs Stana! They look fantastic in a short skirt and a fantastic set of heels! You definitely 'got it' in every way!

    Rose (FINN5TER) has a very interesting and fun Youtube channel. I love it!

  2. Being a six footer I know your pain when it comes to dresses. I have found I have to avoid looking at dresses that have a defined waistline. In my early years of buying dresses the look was terrible. The defined waist line looked like an old guy with his belt line hiked up to his nipple line. So, it is dresses without a defined waistline; empire waist, sheaths and wraps. Of course, if the dresses was made for a five foot six-seven woman there is the issue of length. Below the knee turns into above the knee. Many ankle lengths turn into midi. Once I was drawn to a rack of ankle length sun dresses at Sears. I loved the prints so I bought one and figured it would ride up, but it actually hit the top of my feet. If a five foot six woman would have bought the dress, she would probably trip and stumble. According to my wife I have great legs so a shorter than usual dress has to be worn with a proper foundation panty and sheer to waist pantyhose.

    1. PS, I graduated junior high school in 1962 when mini skirts were just catching on. The female assistant principal would troll the hallways looking out for girls wearing dresses or skirts that were too short. Stana, the length of that dress would have sent you home for a change of wardrobe.

    2. I went to a Catholic high school 1965 to 1969. The girls wore uniforms and the nuns were always checking the girls' hemlines. Many girls used tricks to adjust their hemlines on the fly, especially after school let out, so mini hemlines were not completely absent at Sacred Heart High.

  3. Stana, your finger tip to hemline rule is a good one and one I have heard before. I also think if you can't sit modestly in a skirt with your knees together than it is also too short.

    I am over 6 foot. Shortest skirts I wear are 24" in length. The typical pencil skirt. But because I have a long torso I prefer wearing my waistline pretty high for the appropriate hourglass. Because of that I try to find the "tall" length skirts that have a 27" length that go slightly below the knee cap and when you sit it is slightly above the knee. These skirts are much more manageable for me as someone that prefers high waisted skirts.

    I have kinda of muscular legs (causing dyspohria when dressed) so I generally prefer calf length skirts more often than not.

  4. It would be easy to stand in front of a full length mirror
    Raise and lower your skirt until you find the height that makes your legs look their best

  5. You have great legs - surley it is not too short - it is summer, whe don´t have to hide them.
    All the best and a good time

  6. My favourite LBD just about meets the fingertip criterion although it still verges on the indecent.
    I've been following some of F1nnster's videos (or at least the bits I can understand) and full marks to him for asking one of his (or Rose's) sponsors to make a substantial donation to a trans charity for young people. Not for the first time, I suspect.

  7. Dear Stana, That short dress looks fantastic and despite its lack of length, you look both stunning and stylish in it. I have pondered one the same question many times, though. Franzi

  8. All this talk of skirt lengths brings to mind my pet hypothesis: that most of us are taller than the average male which in turn points to a physical (genetic/chromosomal/hormonal) causation of our leaning.
    As for the hemlines, I love to show off my legs with an above knee length skirt (which is mid thigh when seated) but I truly love how a longer skirt will ripple and flutter around your legs in a breeze, it is indescribably wonderful!

  9. Rachel McNeillAugust 11, 2023

    Late checking in on this post, but I am an ultra-runner, so my legs are very lean and muscular. Few genetic women have legs like this-- other than a few of my female triathlete friends. Even though women these days seldom wear hosiery, I do. It helps obscure some of the most "cut" definitions in my calves.

  10. In the highly unlikely chance any retailers are reading this, please do put skirt length or hem to waist measurements on your garments. It would help you sell more and have fewer returns.

    Much obliged,
    Another tall shopper 🙂