Saturday, August 26, 2023

My Saturday Shorts

Cane Enable Dept.

I love wearing high heels, but my total knee replacement surgery in January put the kibosh on wearing heels for awhile. 

Last month, I began wearing heels again, but I was not completely comfortable doing so because I felt a little unsteady at times and worried about falling.

When I had the surgery, I used a cane for a day or two, but quickly abandoned it because I did not need it to get around. I still have the cane and wondered if it would help me walking in heels. So I got the cane out of the closet, put on my highest heels and was pleasantly surprised that I could walk in heels just like in the good old days. 

I know. If you need a cane to get around, why would you wear high heels? But I don't care. I love wearing high heels and whatever works...

After-and-Before Dept.

I love the before-and-after photos you all have been sending in for me to post here. Please keep them coming. 

However, I am amused by how many of those photos are after-and-before photos rather than before-and-after photos, that is, the en femme image is on the left and the en homme image is on the right. It’s as if a bunch of female-to-male crossdressers were sending me their before-and-after photos! LOL

Being an obsessive-compulsive sort, I have been taking the after-and-before photos and fixing them in Photoshop before I post them.

How’s She Doing Dept.

The Missus is doing much better. Thanks for asking. But she has a way to go and will probably be in rehab for another week or two.

Wearing Venus

Jorge Chacón
Jorge Chacón


  1. Love shorts with heels. You look amazing in them Stana!! Jorge Chacon is so cute too! Lauren

  2. Jorge Chacon has tons of videos. I think he would be a good subject for "Before and After". Jorge is drop-dead gorgeous, but find one of the videos where Jorge talks. That voice is going to need LOTS of work!

  3. I just noticed! Jorge's feet look like Barbie's -- right before she started having "those" thoughts and wound up on her heels! Ha!