Thursday, August 10, 2023


Wednesday, my wife was undergoing tests at the hospital, so I did not visit her because I did not know where she would be at any specific time. Would she be at the hospital or at the rehab center or traveling in between? I was way overdue to go out en femme and decided to do so since my wife was otherwise occupied.

The weather was beautiful, so I wore my Venus faux leather shorts, JC Penney lacy top, Avon blazer and Payless 3.5-inch chunky heel Mary-Janes. I was en femme around noon, then sat around waiting for the test results.

The results arrived by email at 3 PM and it was all good news! With that, I was ready to go, but as I rose from my seat, I noticed that the rubber tip on the heel of one of my Mary-Janes had come loose and was resting on the carpet. These Mary-Janes are an old time favorite and I guess the glue on the rubber tip had dried out after all these years. I put them aside to fix later, grabbed a different pair of Mary-Janes and I was on my way.

I had a 99 Restaurant gift card, so I drove to a local 99 for dinner. 

I walked in and was greeted by a hostess who showed me to a booth. Before she left me, she asked if the booth was a good fit in consideration of my long legs. The booth was OK. (Do they actually have roomier booths for leggy women?)

I ordered mango iced tea (delicious) and baked stuffed shrimp (an all-time favorite that I have not had in eons). There was an older couple (yes, older than me) in the booth opposite me. The man seemed a little odd (early Alzheimer?) and the woman was quiet taking in all that the man was saying. When they were finished eating and figuring out who owed what, the man seemed confused, handed the woman some cash, then got up and left leaving the woman to deal with the bill.

The woman looked at me, smiled and we exchanged pleasantries. I felt sorry for her.

I was tired and returned home after dinner. I did not have a lot of interaction with the civilians, but it was great to go out en femme and I hope to get out again real soon now.

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Wearing Tory Burch

Mari Dekox
Mari Dekox


  1. So glad to hear the good news you got and the Wonderful day you had out just being your true self.

  2. Happy news about your wife, Sweetie. I pray she continues on the road to full recovery.

  3. Dear Stana ,
    You look so very comfortable and attractive in the picture you posted at the table in the 99 .

  4. Glad to hear your wife continues to improve, I think about you daily, being a caregiver is a difficult job. I am glad to see that you were able to dress up nice and pretty and get out into the world, I understand how wonderful it must have felt good for you big hug from everyone in the Femulate community

    Paula G

  5. Aunty here. Best wishes, Stana dear, for a speedy recovery and happiness.

  6. Stana has no idea how hot she is. She's a crossdressing icon.

  7. Dear Stana.
    First of all, I am happy that your beautiful wife is recovering hopefully she will be home with you soon. And you must be excited to be able to go out again and be able to enjoy a good dinner.
    A lot of kisses.

  8. Melissa RobertsAugust 10, 2023

    Sometimes you just need to put your panties on and go out and feel pretty. Glad to hear that your wife's test came back with good news.