Sunday, April 9, 2023

Someday Funnies

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Alexa Admr

Drew Carey
Drew Carey femulating on television’s The Drew Carey Show.


  1. I remember one Easter Sunday, my mothers friend was complaining that she bought her daughter a beautiful Easter dress and she had to fight her to wear it.

    I remember seeing her daughter in church later wearing a beautiful pastel Easter dress with crinolines and being SO envious. Paula G

  2. Does anyone know the story with Drew Carey and cross-dressing his brother was a cross dresser on the sitcom and it was a subject from time to time????? Paula G

    1. Thanks Stana do you think drew Carey is a non- civilian? Paula G

  3. ! the oldest and only boy with three younger sisters I remember every year they got a new Easter dress, new shoes and bonnet to wear...I wore the same dress pants, sports jacket till I out grew it and the same black shoes from Thom McCanns every year....I too wondered how neat it would be to wear a cute little outfit every year and at 13 in 1962 I might have gotten my first training bra ahh if mom only knew ...

  4. Is Drew trying to disguise himself as his nemesis Mimi Bobeck?

  5. A few years back I went through all of my Dad's slides and scanned then into my computer. There are more than a few Easter photos of the type displayed above. Unfortunately instead of a cute Easter dress, I got a new suit. Yuck. Still hatethem. Only time I wear a suit now is weddings and funerals. At my age the later seems to outnumber the former. I do have several dresses that would be perfect Easter dresses.