Saturday, April 22, 2023

Someday Funnies: Farther to Fall, Father

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

womanless beauty pageant contestant
Just another womanless beauty pageant contestant!


  1. #2 is not a civilian!

  2. With all the hysteria going on about males wearing female clothing I wonder if the right wing conservatives will ban high school "switch days" and "womanless" beauty pageants?

    1. Woke! Woke! Woke! That's what we hear from those arch-conservatives with their heads stuck "where the sun don"t shine"! Don't you dare tell them what to do, but put 'em in charge and what do they do?? Just what we're told not to do to them! As soon as one of those fun things pops up in Florida, the Guv will order the legislature to pass another of his "can't do that anymore" laws!

    2. When it comes to DeSantis, I now refer to him as "Woke Man." It's the only word he knows. I think he will crash and burn before July 4th.

    3. Hey, i live in a liberal area, and I have never seen one! seems more common in the South, which has been more conservative for years

    4. Well ❤️‍🩹I live Virginia, and in 1965, was the Mother of the Bride in a Womanless Wedding that had been going on for at least since WW2. My best ever day in School.
      The Octoberfest fund raiser, Does not occur today, Since the School no longer Exists it's now a Federal Court building. Was Robert E. Lee Junior High School.

  3. The.highest heels I go out with are 75 mm (3 inches) which is plenty high enough with my pushing 71 years.

  4. joanne askewApril 24, 2023

    I would love to wear that Venus dress. A pity I'm 60 years too old!

  5. When I was in High School I was fortunate enough to be "coerced" into entering my school's womanless beauty pageant. The girl I was dating conspired with my older sister to convince me to enter. Neither of them, nor my mother, had any idea that I'd secretly dressed up in my mom and sister's dresses before.

    The thought of appearing onstage completely in drag was frightening and thrilling at the same time. I wore two outfits. One was what I'd call an early sixties cocktail reception dress with nylons stockings and all the undergarments a good girl wore.

    My other outfit was an evening dress that belonged to my mother with all the etc loves to wear. They put false eyelashes on me which I didn't care for, but shaking like a leaf, I strutted on stage in my heels and loved every second of it.

    I could probably be the grandmother of the young man in the photo. Ha.