Monday, April 10, 2023

I Go

Following up on Paula’s post about where to go out en femme and my post about encountering men when out, here is a post about traveling hither and yon in a motor vehicle en femme

I have driven my Subaru thousands of miles cross-country cross-dressed and my experiences as a woman driver were revealing to me.

🚘 Warning: If you are concerned about outing yourself, driving your vehicle might give you away. 

I live on a dead end off another dead end and having owned the same car for a long time, my neighbors know what I drive and on occasion, while exiting the neighborhood en femme, I have crossed paths with neighbors working in their yard or driving their vehicles in the opposite direction. I don’t know if they realized who was driving my car – no one ever mentioned seeing me en femme in my car. And even if they did, I am so out, it would not bother me, but if you are not so out, exiting your neighborhood en femme is something to consider.

Beyond your neighborhood, you might think that you are safe, but I always remember driving on I-90 in Boston, 125 miles from home, when a car passed me by blowing its horn and seeing my cousin waving as he passed by. (I was en homme at the time.) 

To add to the potential of being recognized, I have my ham radio call sign on my license plate. So if you have vanity license plates, that may be a giveaway as to who’s that girl driving your car. 

🚘 If I wear shorts or a short skirt or dress when I drive, tractor trailer drivers will occasionally honk in appreciation of the view. Even though I am an old lady, I have had this experience more than once.

🚘 No surprise here, but male drivers will take advantage of woman drivers. Men drive more aggressively when they cross paths with me. They assume that I will back off and give them the right of way, which I usually do, not because I am meek and mild, but because I am crossdressed. I do not want to get into an accident, then have to deal with civilians and police as an outed crossdresser, which showing my driver’s license will clearly reveal.

🚘 Following up on the previous point, I drive legal as a woman driver. I closely follow all the rules of the road because I don’t want to deal with police as a crossdresser. In my neck of the woods, dealing with the police is not an issue because they have been trained to deal respectfully with our kind. Beyond my neck of the woods, who knows? In any case, who wants to deal with the police respectfully or not?

🚘 Car trouble as a woman driver is a piece of cake. You won’t break a nail or get a smudge of car grease on your skirt fixing the problem. Being an AAA member is one solution, but instead of waiting for AAA to show up, just look helpless and soon a gentleman will stop by and do the dirty work. 

Once while shopping at a strip mall, I returned to my car with my purchases and my car would not start, so I opened the hood to see if that would help. It did! Within minutes, two gents in a pickup truck pulled up, assessed the situation and determined that my battery was dead. They carefully explained to me how to start the car by popping the clutch and I was quickly on my way.

🚘 Passing is easy as a woman driver. Just use your turn signal to indicate what you are doing and when the passing lane is clear, speed up to enter the passing lane. After you passed, use your turn signal again and return to the travel lane. 

Seriously, passing as a woman is easier sitting inside your car. Tinted glass and reflections off the glass camouflage your appearance so you are less likely to be read sitting in your vehicle. Waiting at a traffic light one night, a guy in the lane next to me rolled down the window on the passenger side of his car and tried earnestly to engage me in conversation. I ignored him, but I assumed that I passed especially since it was dark.

🚘 Roadtrips require stops for gas, food and overnight stays. Dealing with civilians who sell gas, food and overnight accommodations is no worse than dealing with the sales rep at your favorite boutique; they want your money, so they will treat you nicely in order to collect it. I have never had a problem – even those times when I checked into a hotel en homme and checked out en femme (or vice versa). No one batted an eye.

🚘 During long roadtrips, you are likely to need to use a restroom. I have no fear about using the ladies’ room in Connecticut because the state laws protect me, but I feel less comfortable using the ladies’ rooms in other states because their state laws may not protect me. However, I will feel even more uncomfortable if I don’t use the ladies’ room, so I do what I have to do and have never had a problem. 

For what it’s worth, I have successfully relieved myself in ladies’ rooms in the following states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Rhode Island and West Virginia.

And so I go.

Source: Moda Operandi
Wearing Louisa Ballou

Scott Townsend
Scott Townsend femulating in the television movie Thirsty.


  1. I use to travel a 100 plus miles back and forth enfem to see my then girl friend, now wife, all the time. Nary a problem. Today my daily outfit usually consists of leggings and tunic top. Restaurants, movies, all over. People are usually nice saying “mam” or “ hi ladies” when we are together. Usually get asked if we want separate checks or one at restaurants. (One please). I am a firm believer in Eddie Izzard’s claim of “There not women’s clothes, they”re my clothes. I bought them!”

  2. Stana -- Home run on the Easter bunny costume WOW!--Paula G

  3. I was always lucky to have a rental car when traveling for business, my trips into Boston to see my therapist were always with my RAV4 and often wondered if I was ever spotted when on the road. Paula G

  4. Melissa RobertsApril 10, 2023

    For me, my first steps (literally) to going out in enfemme was taking a walk around the block at night. Hearing the sounds of my heels clicking on the pavement was exhilarating. Then I graduate to getting in my car and going for a drive. No where in particular, no set destination, just out and about. That too was exhilarating. It is still one of my favorite things to do. To Stana's point regarding the truck drivers, well, that is something that I absolutely love. So much so that I will make sure my dress or skirt is just high enough so that the tops of my thigh high stockings are showing. This pretty much guarantees a much wanted honk of their horn, and if they pursue me to have another look, they may get rewarded with a quick flash of my panties. Kind of a win-win situation I think.

  5. I learned from reading news stories that a person should make sure the vehicle is in proper order. I always checked brake and turn signals lights. Sure, the vast majority of police officers will just issue a warning to repair or a civil infraction. But, in some states if the driver has no insurance or has a warrant out for failure to pay a fine or appear, it may be off to jail. Know your state laws. That being said, you never know when the total unexpected will happen. One dark wet evening when my wife and I were returning from a short shopping trip a woman totally dressed in black jay-walked into the street just as I was completing a right turn. She was not seriously injured; a minor bump. However, fire, ambulance and police showed up. I know the officer was making himself close to me in order to detect any alcohol on my breath. That is one thing I never do before or during an en femme outing; enjoy a beer or glass of wine.

    Before I decided to be brave I did go for drives. Then finally worked up the courage to create a reason to get out of the car; mail a letter, return a library books, etc. Then, finally to take long evening strolls in a very safe residential neighborhood.

    A concur on the bunny outfit. Playboy Club worthy.

  6. Also, taller and heavier girls - your height and weight are not as apparent seated behind the wheel

  7. I have to travel about an hour to visit the lady who transforms me into my feminine self with her magic and I always drive home en femme, usually visiting one or two friends who know about me on the way and enjoying a bit of girl time. I have never had a problem with driving en femme but make sure that I obey all the road rules. The only problem I ever had was after arriving at my apartment block and inadvertantly sharing the lift (elevator) to my floor with my next-door neighbour and her daughter. After a bit of a giggle they commented on how good I looked.