Wednesday, April 12, 2023

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Let’s Make a Deal Dept.

While recuperating from my surgery, I started watching Let’s Make A Deal. If you have never seen the program, audience members who participate in making a deal (winning prizes) dress in all sorts of costumes. After months of Deal costumes, I gave up waiting for a male audience member to show up en femme. Well, it finally happened – a guy showed up dressed as a drag queen. I don't know if he was the first drag queen to appear on the show, but it was a first for me. (RuPaul appeared on the show in the past, but not as a contestant.)

By the way, the host of the show, Wayne Brady, had a stint playing Lola, the lead drag queen in the Broadway musical Kinky Boots (photo right).

Update: Femulating John Ritter Dept.

February 22, 2022, the Femulator slot had John Ritter femulating in an episode of television’s Three’s Company. I mentioned in the caption that Ritter also femulated in an episode of his cop show, Hooperman, but I had only seen that episode when it was originally broadcast in 1988 and never saw it again on the tube, the Internet or anywhere else.

Well, I’m happy to announce that that episode of Hooperman is now on YouTube. (Thank-you, Anonymous for the heads-up.)

A Few Words From Tami Dept.

America is very much a live and let live country. If you doubt that consider how quickly the country accepted same sex marriage. There is reason for it and reasons why our population and peoples in other countries have difficulty with and push back on other changes having to do with trans.

The reason for acceptance is that same sex marriage was finally seen as not adversely affecting traditional marriages. Some may still take issue with it, but most polls show the large majority support live and let live.

Reasons for resistance to change are important, valid and need understanding. Societal changes that will affect and influence those who want to be left alone, are seen as force. And force is no way to win hearts and minds.

Anyone in the trans community should see themselves as an ambassador. That means carful and thoughtful conversation and actions with everyone, no exceptions. It is so much more enjoyable to have a pleasant conversation and answer questions sincerely. Conversely, it is repulsive to me to learn of trans people demanding unquestioned acceptance after their bad behavior or rude manner.

It also breaks my heart to know that some people may be reluctant to even acknowledge us for fear of being called out or called a name. Instead, it is a joy to be approached with those that are genuinely curious, kind, supportive and unafraid to interact. It is like having a wonderful conversation with a total stranger and both go away with a good feeling. We get more bees with honey than vinegar.

Source: Rue La La
Wearing London Times

John Ritter
John Ritter femulating in a 1988 episode of television’s Hooperman.


  1. You are aware, of course, of Ritter on Love Boat?,vid:nalhE1EJQKE

    1. Ritter did a terrific femulation and really displayed his superior comedic acting chops.
      Angel Amore

  2. I couldn't have said it any better than you, Stana, if I would have taken a day and a half to compose something. Kindness always wins.
    Angel Amore

  3. I have always loved his cross dress performance on The Love Boat.

  4. I remember seeing that episode of Hoberman many years ago the scene where the victim is wheeled into the hospital and is fearful that his wife and daughter might find out really hit home to me, and reinforced a lot of the trans phobia and homophobia going around at the time it made me feel bad about myself, it’s been a long journey

  5. I remember that episode of Hooperman though, full disclosure, I did not recall the name of the show until you posted it. Around that time I revealed to my wife that I liked to dress up as a woman. One night I surprised her and walked into our living room wearing pantyhose, skirt, and top.

    It did not go well.

    After that I decided that I needed to keep that part of myself from her and that's how I've lived my life since.

    I wish I'd been honest when we first got together, but that was forty five years ago and frankly I didn't understand why I liked to wear dresses. At that time in my life I thought it would go away.

    1. I think the thought that those desires would pass as time went by is common, I know that is exactly how I felt. I would tell myself those thoughts and desires would become a thing of the past once I was married. Man, that really worked out well!

    2. It's not all bad. My wife and I have a loving relationship. She understands that I have this desire, but doesn't want to share any of it. It's not what she signed up for and I try to respect it.

      I remember as a teen, I'd be completely dressed up as a girl and I'd think I'll get out of these clothes and it'll be as if I'd never done it. And I believed that once I had a woman in my life any desire would vanish forever.

      Still I felt guilt over it and often wondered what was wrong with me.

  6. Well said, and done.

  7. The Hooperman episode (thanks for sharing and OMG, 80s hair! 😁) and the treatment of the person attacked, it reminds me of an episode Legwork.

    I think it was a show about news reporters and one of the characters struggled with outing/not outing someone in local government over their genderfluidity.

    I mention this only as the past wasn't all bad in how trans characters were portrayed.

  8. Well said stana. No laws or extremists will help our cause. We have to win them over with love and kindness. When they call us names, show them love by not calling them names back. Kindness always wins.

  9. Thanks for the shout out for finding the YouTube clip. I’ve only just found your blog, and I have to say you are an inspiration. I’m just starting to try and understand who I am and reading about your journey and the helpful stuff you publish has been amazing help for me. Thank you!