Saturday, April 15, 2023

Someday Funnies: Family Resemblance

Source: New York & Co.
Wearing New York & Co.

Clay Adkins
Clay Adkins femulating in a 2002 episode of television’s The Guardian.

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  1. I don't know my "URL" and it won't let me continue without one.
    Hi Ms. Stana & Ladies: It's being awhile since I wrote to you. This will be my first femulation out in public this coming weekend and I will be traveling from South Florida to Central Florida on the highways. I read your recent post on April 10, 2023 about traveling in a car etc. I'm not sure about using the ladies restroom on way so I could probably just wear a diaper or two or use a large plastic bottle assuming that I only need to do a number one. I will have my route planned out for this three and a half to four hour trip. I'm hiring a professional consultant to do my facial makeup so I won't be worried about passing being that I'm a older mature woman. So I'm asking all the ladies including Ms.Stana for any advise and tips beside what was written on Monday that you have for this first time out in public femulating ladies. I also have to take off all my makeup etc. before going to bed including my nails so it make it a very short first time outing but it's better than nothing so please help out this ole gal with any/all advise and tips I can use. Thank you, My name is Ms. Sissy Missi not Anonymous by the way-YOU GO GIRL-Phase taken from my favorite cartoon on YouTube. Bye.