Saturday, April 1, 2023

Following a Trailblazer

Yesterday I was honored to have this photo added to an exhibit in Cleveland's LGBTQ+ complex, Studio W 117, as part of This is Trans: A Photography Journey of Love and Awareness. Today, I am also filled with pride to announce the newly renovated and updated Kandi's Land! Please check us out! Not a bad 24 hours or so. How did I get here?

I want to take this opportunity to thank Stana publicly for many reasons. This blog (her blog) normalized all of this for me and many. It showed what was possible. This blog also gave me the motivation to do one myself. I have always enjoyed writing, but was that tree that fell in the woods. If I write something meaningful, does it make a sound? Now I try to make that sound for our sisters. I don't have a magic wand to fix the big picture issues many sisters have to fight every day. I don't have the answers for many questions, including why am I this way?But I can use my blog, my voice, to be part of the chorus led by Femulate.

Please understand the work that goes into running places like Femulate and Kandi's Land. It is a labor of love. We do it because it matters. Every voice, every opportunity for one person to find out they are not alone, every shared experience, matters. Every time you are out, every interaction is another jelly bean in the jar. When you change one mind, you make a permanent and positive impression with someone, it all gets a little better for those that follow. It will never be perfect, nothing ever is. But it will get better, it is better, we must continue to strive for better.

We have to support each other; we need to remain a community and we need to thank trailblazers like Stana for showing us the way. I'll try to do my part on my miniscule microfiber of the internet. Support Femulate, check us at Kandi's Land out. Most importantly, love yourselves!

We now return to regular programming...

Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor

Alan Manson
Alan Manson femulates Jane Cowl surrounded by other femulators in the 1943 film This is the ArmyClick here to view this film on YouTube.


  1. Blogs like Stana's and Hannah’s led me to believe I could go out. I finally got past my fears, made friends and have had lots of great experiences. I now get to write about them, thanks to Kandi.

    Like Kandi, my goal is to "pay it forward", so that someone reads about my experiences and says to themself "I can do that too."

    1. Thank you for everything you have done to help other understand what it's like to venture out. It's almost Sun-Dee!

  2. We should never underestimate the impact we can have simply by being who we are and doing what we do.