Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Forced Femulation

Yesterday, GoComics ran the following “Peanuts” comic strip from May 10, 1955:

I have been a “Peanuts” fan like forever and do not recall ever seeing this strip before and being a femulator, like forever, I would have remembered it.

The strip reminded me of a forced femulation that occurred early in my life when I was in kindergarten and was forced to be a mommy playing house with other male mommies. (You can read all about that by clicking here.)

“Initially, I felt embarrassed playing a mommy, but it did not seem to bother the other boys, so I played along like a girl with the rest of the boys.

“I wonder if any of my fellow mommies became femulators like me.”

Source: Rue La La
Source: Rue La La

Laurence Olivier and Kenneth More
Laurence Olivier and Kenneth More femulating for Night of 100 Stars in 1960.


  1. The peanuts strip is one of the older ones. There is no date but I would guess sometime in the mid to late 50s. Many Peanuts strips from that period have never been reprinted before.

    1. Good guess! As noted above, this strip was from May 10, 1955.

  2. Do you need for me to express my feminine side has been with me since I can remember as a young child I also learned early on that this was taboo it would displease my parents and others around me. I was constantly looking for an opportunity to dress up, that being Halloween, and play or some other activity however I was never lucky enough for it to happen, I wish my kindergarten had a dress a box like that

    Finally one day when I was nine years old I snuck into my sisters room and dressed from head to toe as a girl the rest is history

  3. It was Halloween 1963. I was 8. I can't remember whether it was my sister's idea or my mom's, but it was suggested that my older sister and I dress up as mom and dad only I would be mom and she would be dad. I think they wanted me to my mom because I was still smaller than my sister and therefore it would be more "realistic" if you can imagine. Plus, I think my sister wanted to dress up as a boy.

    I don't think that I'd ever really thought about wearing dresses before that and the thought of being a girl for my costume both scared and intrigued me. I was way too short to wear any of my mother's dresses, but my sister had a pale blue shirtwaist dress and petticoat that they wanted me to wear. I put on a pair of my sister's tights and my mom put some kind of hair piece on me with lipstick and earrings, carried a little black purse, and presto I was a girl.

    I blushed a number of times when people recognized us while I was trick and treating, but a lot of people told me I looked like my mom. What I remember most of that particular night was the skirt of my dress and petticoat swishing in the strong breeze.

    Though I'd never admitted it to my sister or mother I knew that I loved wearing a dress that night and I couldn't wait to do it again and again and again.

  4. Sexual equality usually means some people are more equal than others
    If a girl wants to be buffalo Bill, no problem
    A boy wanting be Annie Oakley usually means trouble for him