Friday, March 3, 2023

Various Items of Interest

Johnny Downs
Johnny Downs femulating in the 1941 film All-American Co-Ed

His/Herstory Dept.

“The history of drag on screen: Strutting from ancient times to CBC’s Queens” is an interesting take on drag history from a Canadian perspective. A few of the videos in the article are missing, but most of them can be found on YouTube. Click here to read the article.

How High Dept.

Some women are most comfortable in kitten heels or low wedges, while others feel right at home in 4 inch heels. But why?

Dr. Emma Supple, a London podiatrist, says it’s all in the structure and flexibility of your foot. When relaxed, your foot has a natural incline. This is the position in which your foot feels most comfortable. It is also your ideal heel height according to Dr. Supple.

“What is your ideal heel height?” will assist you in finding your ideal height. Click here to find it.

Needs a Two-Piece Dept.

Velma alerted me to a tv commercial for Sotyktu, a drug for psoriasis, where the father is wearing his wife’s red bikini bottoms. When he turns to a profile view, he shows off his man boobs and obviously needs to wear his wife’s bikini top, too!

Testing Dept.

Feeling better all the time, yesterday I slipped on a pair of knee-highs and a pair of Nine West high heels, then proceeded to walk around the house. 

My new knee did not complain about my footwear and that was very good news! So I expect that I will be heading out en femme sooner than later. I will be finished with rehab in two weeks, followed by a visit to my surgeon and then I think I will be good to go.

Source: Bebe
Wearing Bebe

William Bendix
William Bendix (center) and company femulating in the 1944 film Abroad With Two Yanks.


  1. Pamela RayMarch 03, 2023

    Needs a Two-Piece Dept:
    Somewhere in the bottom of my draws I have a pair of red bathers similar to the one depicted in the add. In Australia they are often referred to as Budgie smugglers. I'll leave it to your imagination as to why..!
    And yes, a bikini top would not be out of place on those man boobs.

  2. Good news on the knee situation. Hopefully you'll be out & about soon.

  3. Gee… will they be able to show any movies with drag in TN now???

  4. Gee… will they be able to show any movies with drag in TN now??

  5. To follow on with the other anonymous comment, Stana, will this site be band in TN due to all of the soldiers and others who are shown in drag? Why, it is just so disrespectful of our men who were captured during WWII!! :)

  6. My wife thinks it’s disgusting. I think it shows an average all American dad. We’re not all Fabio. If you have that shape and the balls to wear it go for it. His wife is open minded. Questionable in front of teen daughter?

    1. I don't think he has the shape for it. I think it's a mens' suit, though. Just like some women do not have the figures for some suits, neither do some men. He'd be better off with standard trunks. I don't question the ethics in front of his daughter, just fashion sense.

  7. I wonder what the next step is going to be in TN. Will in-home cross dressers be headed to jail if their kids rat them out to the elementary school teacher? Endangering the minds of a minor?

  8. Ridiculous things going on in Tennessee and, of course, Florida. All this banning Drag and "Don't say gay" stems from the current Gov of Florida getting his legislature to pass such laws, clearly in support of his presumed run for the presidency. (Is that legal?) What's next, making it a felony for the local TV stations to air Ru Paul's Drag Race? This pandering to the fundamentalists makes for good sound bites for their sycophants, but is getting out of hand. The Florida Gov has just ordered his legislature to pass a law giving him the power to control what every Florida state university can and cannot teach -- and taking away final decisions on tenure from the schools. No CRT, even at the college level! And a Tennessee legislator proposed "hanging from trees" for capitol punishment! I wonder who he hd in mind? Those SoB's are coming for every minority, not just us!

  9. Don’t forget the bill in Florida to ban the Dem party!!