Friday, March 10, 2023

Items of Interest

Hump Day Femulation Dept.

A promo for this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live has guest host Jenna Ortega interacting with the Please Don’t Destroy boys who are crossdressed as Wednesday of Addams Family. I don't know if the boys will appear crossdressed on the show or if their  appearance is strictly for the promo. So stay tuned.

Monika Interviews Mariette Dept.

Monika alerted me to her recent interviews with Mariette Pathy Allen, who has been taking photos of our community for almost 50 years.

(I ran into Mariette at various trans gatherings in the past. In fact, I danced with her at Fantasia Fair about 10 years ago. But she never took a photo of me! LOL)

College Resources Dept.

Sierra from wrote that their team created a guide, the Top 50 LGBTQ-Friendly Colleges, which provides essential information on the best colleges for LGBTQ students, including:
  • Campus clubs
  • LGBTQ housing
  • Campus safety
  • Counseling
  • LGBTQ-inclusive policies
These factors are vital for creating supportive and inclusive environments for LGBTQ students and the guide provides comprehensive information on the top colleges that offer these resources. Click here to view the guide.

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

A modern Japanese couple
A modern Japanese couple


  1. The photo of the Japanese couple reminds me of a Halloween many years ago. To my shock, my mother in law suggested that my wife and I attend a costume party dressed up as each other. My in laws had done that for a costume party when they were young. At that time I'd never been dressed up in front of anyone and I had not revealed that interest to my wife. I felt terrified.

    I wasn't thin enough to fit into any of my wife's dresses, but my mother in law enthusiastically loaned me one of her lovely, but probably outdated, fancy dresses. She insisted that I was completely dressed up for the part, nylons, slip, bra, and the whole nine yards. I protested, but halfheartedly.

    While I was getting ready I really blushed and felt embarrassed as the two women fussed over me. At the party my wife's girlfriends loved our costumes. They loved admonishing me to sit like a lady and asked me how much I liked wearing nylons?

    Of course I did not tell them the truth.

    Eventually my wife learned of my crossdressing interest and it's something that's not part of our long marriage. That Halloween is a wonderful memory.

    1. Getting dressed at the insistence of someone else, particularly other women has always been a great assuagement of any reluctance or shyness I would have had getting "dressed". Of course I too would have felt it necessary to protest very halfheartedly!

      Went through many years of marriage dressing without her knowledge until she found out my secret. Thoroughly disapproving although I still continue to get dressed as occasions permit. As I dress there is a part of me that is saddened because I am doing something I know she will not like. To borrow a phrase from Stana... "and so it goes."

  2. Anonymous, I hope you didn't have that "farmer's tan"! Ha! Lovin' your mother-in-law!

    1. Farmer's tan? Not sure what you mean, but yes my mother in law was a wonderful woman. It was an honor to wear her dress and undergarments. Once I was all fixed up, to my father in law's chagrin, she pulled out photos from the Halloween party that they'd gone too. Oh how he blushed.

  3. Stana-you're rocking the Venus outfit!!!!