Saturday, March 25, 2023

Someday Funnies: Not a Misster

Source: Intermix
Wearing A.L.C.

Casa Valentina
Femulating on stage in Casa Valentina


  1. Does "Mrs Kelly" really hate wearing the outfit or is he good at hiding he loves it?

  2. I'm curious how many of us girls got our start in femininity after getting recruited to dress up as a girl in a show or skit? I've always believed that my interest was sparked after playing a girl's role in a little show that my parent's were involved in at the community theater in my hometown. I was seven and they were putting on Showboat. For reasons I never understood they needed one more girl to be in the background of several scenes.

    It was presented to me as a "big adventure" by mom. I didn't want to be a girl, but I didn't know how to say no. I remember being show how to put on my 1850's styled little girl's dresses, petticoats, and I think almost everyone who saw the show had no idea that I was not a little girl.

    Still it felt embarrassing and once the show was finished I didn't like seeing photos of myself as a girl or talking about it. As a young teen I began to think about that experience more and more. I wondered what it would feel like to try on a dress with pantyhose.

    Once day when I was home alone I saw one of mom's dresses on a hanger in the laundry room and I couldn't resist trying it on. Who'd know? I was young enough so that mom's dress fit me fairly well. I walked around the house and decided that I needed to find pantyhose. Then I wanted to put on a slip under my dress.

    Dressing up as a girl became a regular activity when I was home alone. I felt guilty for doing it and felt that something was wrong with me, but I didn't want to know what it was nor did I want to stop wearing dresses and skirts.

    Who knows if I'd have ever started crossdressing had I not played a little girl in a show. I'm sure there are opinions both ways. I love the feeling of wearing dresses, the swish of a chiffon hem against pantyhose, but I love being a man and having a wife and family. So I don't share that aspect of myself with them.

    However, from the couple of surviving photos of me from the play I didn't look too unhappy being all dolled up.