Monday, March 20, 2023

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Still Tall After All These Years Dept.

5'11" Kate Grigorieva
If you have been following this blog for awhile, you might recall my Famous Females of Height page, which I created to illustrate that girls like us are not the only tall women out there (so don’t let your height prevent you from going out).

Reader Sissyslave sent me a link to a Herald Weekly article, “The Tallest Women in Show Business,” which is an illustrated list of tall female celebrities. The list included a lot of women who I was unaware of being tall. And I learned that six-foot tall actress Famke Janssen has incredibly large feet and has to get special custom-made shoes for her size 11’s. (We can sympathize.)

Not So Tall After All These Years Dept.

All my adult life, I was 6 feet 2 inches tall, or so I thought. During my recent health issues, a nurse measured my height and informed me that I was a more petite 5 feet 11.

“People typically lose almost one-half inch every 10 years after age 40,” explains Andrea Singer, chief medical officer of the National Osteoporosis Foundation. Since I am 72 years old, that would account for over 1.5 inches of the 3 inches of height that I lost.

The other 1.5 inches could be due to osteoporosis, but except for the height loss, I don’t have any other osteoporosis symptoms. Inaccurate measurements may be the cause. My mother marked my height on a door frame every birthday. I measured the marks on the frame and I topped out at 6 feet 2 at age 16. So go figure.

I will mention the height loss to my doctor, but the good news is that at 5 feet 11, I am a less imposing woman than the Amazonian I was at 6 feet 2.

Quote of the Week Dept.

“Guys, these are the most comfortable bras you will ever wear.” – Kim Kardashian for Skims

Dick Knows Best Dept.

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Brendan W. Jordan
Brendan W. Jordan


  1. Why, now you're downright petite!

    Famke - 11 is incredibly large? SMH....

    1. For us, an 11 is a way of life and a sigh. For a woman, it’s mortifying

    2. I wish I was only an 11... you do see them much more than 12 , 13, and up.

    3. I am very very fortunate in only needing a size 10. They are fairly easy to find in stores and on line. I am almost 6’ and in male mode, I wear an 8.5.

  2. As a supporter of women's sports at my Alma Mater, The University of Maryland -- let's hear it for the 50th anniversary of Title IX -- I get to see many tall women in both Basketball and Volleyball.. Just yesterday I saw Maryland's 6'3" Diamond Miller dominate Arizona in the second round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. My daughter is just over 5'10" and her daughter is just under 6'. So forgive me if I don't make a big deal about height in women except as just another adjective in their description.

    Back when I was in high school at the end of the 1950s, there was a girl who was 6' tall. She was a "giant" among all the other girls in our large school, and was really teased. She walked around slumped over to avoid wise cracks and insults. She was on the basketball team, but just OK. One day our team was invited to a session at Maryland University where she saw a 6'11" freshman on the Maryland men's team, and shortly after they became a couple. All of a sudden she abandoned her slump and strode tall and proud. She started using makeup. Even her basketball skill improved! This was my first experience seeing a tall, beautiful female, and I've been attracted to tall women so much over the years that I do my best to emulate them whenever I can!

  3. A few years ago I shocked at a pre-med for some surgery that I was five foot nine, I had always thought I was taller than that! A lot is down to age, but in my case a few injuries won't have helped. In my current band I think there are at least four or five young women taller than me!

  4. Oh honey, you are down right petite compared to Me at 6'5" barefoot.😁. It does not keep me from heels. Special made 11's? I can find those here and there. My size 15 womens, I am so thankful for Amazon. I attended an LGBTQ+ Christian conference a few months back and recorded more than a few compliments on my foot wear. I have a really pretty pair of heels that start dark blue at the toe and phase to a light blue at the heel. Also one woman stopped me and told me that she loved to watch me walk. That I seemed so elegant. Definitely made my day.