Monday, March 13, 2023

Getting Better All the Time

Today marks six weeks since I had total knee replacement surgery. I have three more sessions of rehab this week and then I see my surgeon on Friday for a final post-surgery check-up.

I am not 100% yet. Going down stairs is still an issue; I think it is doable, but I have to convince myself that I can do it. 

Don't need a cane any longer, but I still carry one just in case (like when I walked in the woods for the first time on Friday).

I figure that later this month, I will be ready to go out and will probably do lunch en femme.

And finally, thank you all for your birthday wishes last week! Hope the next 52 weeks will be better than the previous 52.

Source: New York & Company
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Daniel Furlong
Daniel Furlong, womenswear model


  1. During my back surgeries, I started using a walking stick when I hike in the woods, I don’t need it anymore But I have become very used to it and it has saved me from tripping and falling several times over the last couple years Paula G

    1. I use a "walking stick" whenever I hike in the woods (even before my knee problem).

  2. Stana, I have a success story for you to consider. Tami