Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Got Hips

By Paula Gaikowski

Adding hip pads to my outfits was one of biggest steps in my journey and really improved my look and gave me confidence. It took awhile for me to get there and I had to experiment to find just the right combination of hip versus bum padding.  

What hip pads do for girls like us is to minimize our broad shoulders and produce an hourglass figure. It’s interesting to note that a search on Amazon for hip pads brings up dozens of garments that are used by cisgender women. I thought the market was exclusively for transgender women, however, this seems to be common issue that cisgender women deal with especially when wearing that special dress.

Back in the dark ages of the 90’s, I started to notice the curves on some femulators I saw in magazines, so I started to evaluate different DIY methods. Remember back then there wasn’t any Amazon or Glamour Boutiques, so I was on my own. I started by using the foam packing material that we used at work to ship circuit boards. I had moderate success, but they appeared bulky and a bit too high or a bit too low.

I finally found Classic Curves when the Internet came along and saved up, sent a money order and had the Veronica 2 shipped to my office. A big improvement, I liked the change and silhouette they produced. It was with these hip pads that I gained the confidence to go out in public. All went well until the great purge of 2004 and I had to start building my wardrobe over again. 

Today there is a huge selection of garments and pads out there. At the high end there are silicone pads that can be attached to your body with Holister medical adhesive. These pads run in the hundred$ and look great, but are heavy. 

Next there are padded shapers. These come with soft foam pads that go down the hip and curve around the bum for added shape.  

Finally there are just the foam pads themselves, I have several pair of these and like them because they are light, easy to slip into different foundations and look just right. Some of the padded shapers produce huge hips so I use the foam pads.

I put my foam pads under a pair of control top pantyhose or under my Rago high-waist girdle. There is just enough control to shape and keep things in place. 

I hope this helps in your journey. Happy Femulating.

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Gracia

Billy Crystal
Billy Crystal femulating on television’s The Comedians (2015)>


  1. Wow. I am currently dealing with an issue with Obee Beauty about their BBL shorts. They're good, but I got them a size too big. I can't return them and (due to circumstances) I can only make future on line purchases with gift cards -- which they don't accept!
    But I do agree - adding the hips has done SO much for my self confidence and my comfort in going out.

    1. Oh gosh I dread making an online purchase and not having it fit correctly such are the problems of having to purchase things discretely online. I've learned over the years shopping in person is more productive and the sales associates are very helpful Paula G

  2. Pamela RayMarch 23, 2023

    Well Paula, what can I say... Perfection.
    The shape, proportions, face and outfit are perfect and would leave no doubt as to your gender in any mind!

    1. Thanks Pamela, this picture was back in 2014 when I was a size 14, I am struggling to get back to that size, however I am on my way over a year of eating healthy and exercise has helped, just a few more pounds. Paula G

  3. Agree with Pamela! Thanks for the excellent analysis.

  4. Paula, you look great! I tried home-made padding that was successful at all. As I only wear dresses I looked around and realized there are many cis women who do not have hour-glass figures. I also love the feel of a nylon slip sliding over a nylon panty. I sort of solved the lack of hour-glass figure by wearing dresses that do not have a defined waist; empire waists, sheaths and wraps. Those style of dresses also solved the issue of even finding many dresses with a defined waist at my natural waist. Being six foot, most dresses with a defined waist end up having the waist fall way too high on my torso.