Tuesday, March 7, 2023

My Eyes Are Up Here

Warner Womanmaker bra ad, circa 1964
A reader, who is considering taking Estrogen in order to enhance her bust, wrote, “You have mentioned on more than one occasion that you have been naturally blessed with something like B-cup breasts. But with that enhancement to your preferred life, how do you handle your appearance when in drab? My perhaps naive impression is that they must be rather prominent in something like a polo shirt and, of course, even more prominent if ever in public with no shirt at all. 

“Has your blessing presented any difficulties when presenting as male? Do you take any measures to minimize their prominence under those circumstances? Or do you simply get on with life without concerns about what other people might think? I would be very grateful for any insights you might offer.”

I replied...

I don’t swim or go to the beach, so I am almost never topless in public. In fact, I can’t recall the last time I was topless in public. 

On those occasions when I was topless in the past, a few neanderthals made comments suggesting that I needed a bra. One troglodyte even offered to lend me his girlfriend’s. Their comments, especially from friends and relatives, were hurtful, but I ignored them and went on with my life.

Clothed, my breasts are not obvious unless I wear a tight top. In my opinion, my breasts are no more obvious, probably less so than the man boobs that overweight guys shamelessly display, so I am not concerned with my perky twins.

I hope that helps.

For what it’s worth, when I measured my bust, I came up with B cups, but when I went for a bra fitting by a pro, she insisted that I had C cups.

And so it goes.

Source: Venus
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Viet Alex
Viet Alex, male womenswear model


  1. My bra cup size is DD which means my breasts are obvious no matter what I wear. That also means I always wear a bra when I am out in public. With my hair longer than shoulder length I guess I don't ever present a masculine appearance even when I when I wear a man's coat and tie outfit. I don't go swimming, but if I did so I would need to wear a woman's swimsuit.
    But I have a very masculine bass speaking and singing voice in contrast to my feminine appearance. Sometimes I am the only bass in my church's choir.

    John (I prefer masculine pronouns.)

  2. For you this must indeed be a mixed blessing, just one of the reasons I would recommend your correspondent thinks long and hard before starting a course of estrogen.
    Of course it will enhance some breast growth (although for most trans women never enough) but it will also do much more as well. Physically most trans women will tell you of softer skin, reduced body hair, thinker growth of head hair etc. But for me the big thing was the psychological changes. So much changed, my subconscious thought processes, the way I interacted with others, all of my emotions. They need to think long and hard about if this is what they want.

    1. I have been taking estrogen for the last 11 years and I'm still on it. I'm a lot calmer, I no longer am depressed and suicidal, and I no longer drink heavily. I don't miss the sharp masculine body odor. It's the best thing I've done in a long time. I still regard myself as a man and not a trans-woman.
      The strange thing is I am now a lot more sociable now with the treatment than before.

      John (Masculine pronouns preferred)

  3. Leonis states your blessing gives you an average bust to a full bust. Flaunt your Bs with a bralette or a pretty flower print bra if your a fuller C. I guess the question begs ? Do you wish a bigger cup? If Bubba can rock a man sized B cup at the construction site then no reason Stana cannot show off her Cs at work. No wonder the secretarial pool starting stuffing their bras after The Halloween Contest. Hugs Brenda

  4. Although I am not a golfer I do watch the weekend golfing tournaments when totally bored. My wife made the observation that all the male golfer wear shirts that do nothing to obscure their nipples, although women seem to be conditioned to hide their nipples with molded bra cups. Her query: Why the big stink when a woman with a B-cup cannot go braless while a similarly endowed guy goes shirtless at the beach? With reference to the bra advertisement, one hardly ever see any bra in the lingerie department of that type. It's all molded fabric to rid the female body of nipples.

  5. What wonderful advise. I too remember the ugly remarks when I was younger...with growth both mentally and physically I come to accept my body and my C cup size and not let it control who I am except when I want it too. One can not get into a trap believing breast size makes the woman. Yes to have a little extra to fill a bra without padding is a blessing but the important thing is to be comfortable with who you are and who you wish to present yourself as. so if in boy mode you appear to have a little extra, don't worry there are too many guys with that little extra not trying to be and enjoy a different side of themselves. Just enjoy what ever size bra YOU want to fill.

  6. If some one wants to grow breasts like a woman they have to keep them covered like a woman
    A cleavage that look great in female mode does not look so good in male mode