Saturday, March 18, 2023

Someday Funnies: Any Port in a Store

Source: New York & Company
Wearing New York & Company

1982 Closet Ball Queen
1982 Closet Ball Queen competitors


  1. While normally I enjoy commenting on the Funnies, today's bottom picture brought back memories of 1975. I had a long time friend who happen also to be a lesbian was involved in a fund raiser to raise funds to promote and protect Lesbian rights. (Sadly when a lot of them still were just coming out) And chose to have a gender reverse ball. Women in tuxes, men in gowns. Being one of her few straight male friends she kiddingly asked if I would be her "date". Of course I would. They had even found a dress shop that would help the dates find the right dress and shoes for the big night. We had a wonderful time. I sometimes wish we had take pictures like I have of my high school Senior Prom. Thanks for letting me turn back the clock and have a good laugh.

  2. What would have happened if he had used the mens fitting room looking like that?

  3. Many years ago, I was invited to be a contestant in a womanless beauty pageant. At first I couldn’t imagine participating, but my girlfriend kept asking.

    After I agreed she took me to a consignment resale boutique where I tried o. Evening gowns and cocktail dresses.

    After we chose my dresses, she picked out undergarments, a slip, bra, and she bought pantyhose for me.

    It was a dream come true.

    On the day of the pageant my girlfriend and her mom got me ready. I was sooo nervous, but I loved it too.

    I did not win, but I had so much fun being a girl that day!!

  4. I bet second from the left in the 1982 photo was the winner or one of the top runner-ups. She has impeccable makeup & looks confident but also completely at ease in that pose. No wonder she had a big smile when the photo was taken.