Wednesday, March 1, 2023


According to Popsugar, “Maya Hawke gave the ‘no-pants’ trend a stylish spin at Milan Fashion Week on Feb. 23. On her way to Prada’s fall/winter 2023 womenswear show, the ‘Stranger Things’ star stepped out in a pair of sheer black tights and block heels with delicate ankle straps. She layered the tights under a collared shirt from the brand’s menswear collection.

“The shirt, which Hawke styled as a dress over a black bodysuit, featured a window-pane plaid pattern in white and baby blue. Across the chest and collar, the piece boasted a wavy white grosgrain embellishment. She wore the shirt partially unbuttoned at the top and bottom, transforming the button-up into an instant minidress.”

Maybe some fashion-forward males will adopt the no-pants trend. Stranger things have happened. 

In the meantime, men’s skirts are growing in popularity. Christian Allaire recently wrote For Vogue about his initial positive foray in skirts. After he wore his first skirt back in September, he was hooked and has added more skirts to his wardrobe.

It is worth noting that some of the men on the Internet wearing skirts are also wearing handbags. Skirts typically don’t have pockets, so fashion-forward fellows need handbags to carry their keys, wallets, makeup, spare pantyhose, etc.

Speaking of pantyhose, it is also worth noting that some Internet male skirt wearers have hairless legs and a few were wearing pantyhose (or some type of hosiery). 

And then there are the guys pairing their skirts with high heels.

And so it goes.

Source: Elisabetta Franchi
Wearing Elisabetta Franchi

Pink Pistols
Swedish singing group Pink Pistols
Click here to see them perform “I Am Somebody” at Melodifestivalen 2014.


  1. “Pink Pistols” is also an American political activist group that promotes gun ownership &self-defence training to LGBTQ+ people. It formed in the wake of the Orlando nightclub mass shooting.

  2. I followed your link to the piece in "Popsugar" that is certainly a strong look, and looks great on her, but I fear that if I tried to emulate it would just look like I had forgotten to finish getting dressed!

  3. I wasn't an ABBA fan, but the Pink Pistols is a variation on the "look" I can really get into! I think the Swedes are on to something, and I'd feature another Swedish female impersonator if I could remember her name! I can't believe I didn't bookmark her by name!

    Stana, can you help me? She does/did really big production shows, I remember one video where the queen of Sweden was in the audience -- and the "star" impersonated her!.

    1. Also, Rickard Engfors is very much worth googling.

  4. Are these all men? I can't find anything about their names and genders on the internet.

    1. The two girls are Conny Bäckström and Dennis Bröchner. If I am not mistaken, both are (or were) members of Lindarw's "After Dark" drag performing group, which is well known even to the civilian public in Sweden.