Wednesday, February 1, 2023

First Bra & All-in-One

By Sara

Remember them well.

That year 1965, the fall Junior High October Fest included a Womanless Wedding, and I drew the Mother of the Bride role.

When I brought home the permission slip from my Speech Class Teacher (a lesbians Dream), both my mother and grandmother said if I did it then had to "train" for it.

Thus began a several week dive into Womanhood, using many of their clothes from the fifties, A Time of Floating Heaven, six weeks of coming home dressing and being dressed, taught to act and look like a Lady. Complete with heels after Grand went to visit her sister who had a huge Victorian home that served as the Families (13 kids) museum of things including clothes that went back to circa 1880 fashions, were shoes (heels) to fit were brought back.

The Twenties garb would be tried on and enjoyed that year's CHRISTMAS family get together the youngest of my Grands sisters was one of those flappers in her twenties in the 20s.

Mother's Girlfriend provided the wigs and makeup with several trips to her home salon.

That night was one of the best I ever had at that school.

One of the things Grand brought back was a 1930/40s floor length silk peignoir set, loved that with the bra panties and garter belt of the era. 

After the night festival was over ... They still said that I could use the pretty clothes, mom even gave me one of her 50s bullet bras a forties girdle, and a waist nipper to keep and use as my own as part of my Christmas Gift.  That year I asked Grand what mom Wanted, she took me down to Miller & Rhodes Department store where we went thru the Nightgown assortment finally found what Mom would like a Peignoir Set. Grandmother also found one she fancied, but left it on the Rack, there was a set that I came back to look at a couple of Times. Grand said do you really like that one, very embarrassed I said yes and she forced me to go and check out the Christmas gift purchase with several pairs of hose, one of my Normal Christmas items for Mom. The Clerk was one of Grands close Church friends, so even tho embarrassed I could not run, had to stay as they visited..... Thru several other lady customers.

The Next week, I went after school to get nightgown set that Grand liked, her friend was very nice knowing who it was for, and told me that just after Christmas the set that I had looked at a dozen Times so far would be on sale. Smirks. At Christmas three Peignoir sets we're traded around. Including another from the past given to me. Loved Vintage ever Since.

The day After Christmas, Grand went by bus to her sister's and mom had to work to cover for a Friend so it was Sunday when we went for the normal two weeks with the extended Family. I took a chunk of my Christmas money and bought the new peignoir on Saturday, I fancied firm grands friend, who told me that I ln two weeks a ton of special clothes would be gathered in that central store and to come back & check. Smirks again NICELY.

At the Victorian home, the next Day I was given a choice of two sets of pretty to wear, and the days & nightwear, were very nice. It was not till 1969 when my Aunt passed and my Grandma and I spent three months that summer going through that home from top to Bottom getting it ready for the 10 hour auction to liquidate the Estate after portions were divided. That's when I found out that my Great Aunt's Husband who served in Europe in WW1 (6'0') was also into dressing pretty, his collection of heeled shoes, only fit one person in the family ... me.

That January after going to the M&R sale and buying several underwear sets with dirt cheap hose sets 5¢, my first bra purchases, the next Day I went to the Leggetts Department store three doors down the next block and bought two bras two girdles and my first All-in-One, (Playtex 18 hour long torso brief 42B) (for the normal price of the All-in-One) I had stolen try ons of several female family members long one piece foundations over the year. so I knew what would fit. RATHER embarrassed still, took several years to get over that.

The Clerk asked if the sizes where alright and would fit, I stammered a little and heard over my shoulder a Question what sizes are they, a listing of them was read out, when I turned around my Grandmother's friend was standing there, the clerk and her were going out to eat..... She said yes those should work if you like the designs.


Two years later our family doctor, a woman who got into Med School In 1945, WW2 did provide more than Rosie the Riveter! Told

Mom & Grand that they should not let me dress, so off went the trousseau, and in future years purging. Such is life...

Source: New York & Company
Wearing New York & Company

This is the Army
“Soldiers” femulating in the 1943 film This is the Army.
You can view this femulating-rich film on YouTube.


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  4. Sara-how blessed to be helped by your mother, grandmother and the other ladies!