Thursday, February 9, 2023

Someday Funnies: Stay Stylish


Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Wally Brown and Alan Carney
Wally Brown and Alan Carney femulating in the 1944 film Girl Rush.


  1. "There's no need to sacrifice style"
    In the summer when it's hot, and it's HOT in the DFW area of Texas I wear dresses all the time, even to church. A dress is much cooler than a T-shirt and shorts. I don't wear any sort of pants or shorts in that hot season. I have gotten almost no blowback from my clothing choices.


  2. So your Stay Stylish lady is wearing one black sandal and on white one....

    1. Black and white motif, I've done that with the same style sandals before. So far the fashion police haven't caught me. Ha!

  3. Totally agree! Although we're in a moderate climate (Sea-Tac) in Washington State it does get HOT sometimes. Dresses are much more comfortable than the confines of clothing with legs. It is the only time my wife wears dresses. There is also functionality for men to wear tunics in the very hot Middle East. It is not a fashion statement.