Friday, February 3, 2023

To shave or not to shave, fleece-lined tights may be the answer

By Paula Gaikowski

Wearing double hose
Shaving my legs was a milestone and rite of passage on my transgender journey. There has been nothing more liberating and cathartic than looking down and seeing a pair of women’s legs surface after shaving for the first time.

However, that wasn’t always possible. I used to worry about what people would say in the summertime if I had shaved my legs. That was an unfounded concern; nobody noticed and if they did, it’s not really any of their business. 

Typically, I trimmed my leg hair with clippers and then wear nude color opaque dance tights and wear black pantyhose over them. It worked fine but is very thick and also very warm in the summer.

So I understand the issue and the other day noticed the perfect solution. Ladies in Europe needed a solution to wearing skirts in their frigid winters. Transparent fleece-lined tights are thick fleece lined tights that look like you are wearing black sheer hose. They come in extra heavy and warm, but also in thinner styles.

They can be ordered from a variety of sources on the web, however, it seems black is the most common color with other options being coffee and gray. The product is popular in Asia so many of the vendors are located there. I did find this website offering plus size and tall sizes

Nothing can make you feel more feminine than freshly shaved legs and a new pair of your favorite sheer stockings. However, if it’s cold outside or if you can’t shave, perhaps this will help you get out and about and let that girl loose.

Source: ShopBop
Wearing Saylor

S.S. Caronia
Sailors femulating aboard S.S. Caronia, circa 1955


  1. Hi Paula! you are so right, the feeling of freshly shaved legs and new hose is heavenly! So feminine! I'm going to order some lined tights from cozy crew and let you know how they work! Hugs Allison!

  2. I have only shaved my legs a few times. About 6 years ago, due to an injury I had to tape my legs. The tape requires hairless skin so I started waxing, I hate stubble. Only 3 or 4 times a year and I didn't do it during the summer. I now have very light hair and you can't see it unless you look closely. The woman who usually waxes my legs (and also brazilians) complains that her legs are hairer than mine and she gets a monthly wax. I love my hairless legs.
    In the summer I wear short shorts and have never had a comment on my hairless legs.
    If you can, I recommend waxing. The first several times may be painful, but it gets better.

  3. Oh my heaven! It looks like the S.S.Caronia was “Woke”!!

  4. I think that middle sailor is no civilian! (And I'm not sure about #4 either!)

    1. I agree Diane middle girl NOT a civilian!!! Paula G

  5. I'm in my 70's. Fortunately, I have no hair follicles on my thighs and calves and none also at my underarms. Thank you, genetics. My wife says "It's wasted on a guy" as she complains about shaving her legs. Only one person over the years asked whether I shaved my legs. She is my daughter. I asked her if it took forty years to notice my legs are hairless. I got the hairless genes from my dad. Did I pass them on to my son? Nope, at 6'3" he looks like Bigfoot.

  6. I shave my legs in the last 5 years, since I came out openly with my crossdressing. Indeed, it is a good feeling and also, it looks good. But, who cares, why you are shaving your legs. Just tell them, that you are a swimmer or a biker and that is good as it is :)

  7. I used to wear maxi skirts in the summer to hide my leg hair. I would shave a little around my ankle. It worked OK. Then one day, I had the bright idea to bleach my leg hair. I have leg hair in the summer, but it is invisible under normal pantyhose. No one has ever commented on why my leg hair is blonde.
    It took two bleachings to get the hair light enough. I found that the bleaches that are two creams being mixed are the best for application and for not making a mess. (The powder+cream bleaches that I tried would drop sandy crumbs all over the floor.)