Saturday, February 11, 2023

What’s Going On?

Regarding my knee replacement surgery...

My Physical Therapist (PT) says I am well ahead of the curve regarding recovery. Pain is mild and infrequent and I am getting around without assistance except when I go up and down stairs when I use a crutch. 

PT believes that when I see my doctor/surgeon on Monday, he will probably give me the green light to start driving again (just two weeks after surgery). My fear that I would have difficulty depressing my Subaru’s clutch with my new knee proved to be just fear – my therapist insisted that we test it yesterday and there was no pain using the clutch.

I am a just little anxious about what my leg will look like when the bandages are removed on Monday.

And so it goes.


  1. Glad the recovery is coming along so smoothly, Sweetie. You'll be back in heels in no time!

  2. My wife had a knee replacement and even after the post-op incision scar fades, there is a tell-tale sign of the incision. Hosiery and/or below the knee covers my wife's scar. My brother lives in a retirement community in Florida and he says with everyone wearing shorts, it is easy to see who has had a single or double knee replacement. My wife prefers a pain free knee over the alternative.

  3. It sounds like you are on the road to recovery and lunch with the gang.
    When I broke my left foot I had to drive my mother’s automatic and she never learned to drive a standard.

  4. With surgical glue closing the incision,there won't be a huge scar. Mine had 28 staples,in 2011. It;'s still big and ugly

  5. If you are still nervious about driving, practice. Go to a large EMPTY parking lot and practice. Continued good luck on your recovery.

  6. I have a leg scar, a little makeup and pantyhose and it’s gone!

  7. Enjoy your probably scar free Knee!
    I am just glad that when my left ankle snapped in half in 1991, Thanksgiving weekend, you can barely see it today, staples by the pound. Two screw pins to join the bones, four titanium steel plates eighteen screws to keep everything together, good surgeon 😷 after twelve months back up on heels 👠 and you had to look hard to tell.


  8. Use Bio-Oil on the scar, expensive but goes a long way! My wife had surgery on her shoulder and we used this every (twice a day I think) day, I would rub a little in and work it into the scar - it was on her shoulder blade so needed help as she couldn't do it herself. If you know its there you can spot it but it's still very hard to see - also depends on the surgeon to some extent.