Friday, February 24, 2023

Femulating Foto Fun

Recovering from knee replacement surgery, I have been spending a lot of time browsing the Internet when I am not doing physical therapy. One thing leads to another on the Internet and on Wednesday,  I explored websites that transform photos of males to female and 
vice versa. I ended up on the gender swap filter page of the AI Lab Wondershare website

You simply upload a photo to the website and after a second or two or three, the website displays your gender swap. (The website permits you to make ten swaps. After ten, you have to register to continue swapping.)

I uploaded a handful of recent photos and the gender swaps were interesting. I could definitely see the male me in the resulting female swaps. Here are two of the best swaps:

Then I tried something different. I uploaded some photos of moi en femme and the results were amazing. (I’d do the results!) Here are the best – blond, brunette and the redhead image at the top of this post:

In my opinion, the redhead swap was best at retaining my male visage, although I do see me in all the photos that I swapped.

One lesson I learned from all the swaps: I’d probably look more feminine if I thinned my eyebrows more than I have already thinned them.

Anyway, this online app is very addictive. You can spend hours swapping your gender. Have fun!

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Black Halo

Christian De Sica femulating in the 2018 Italian film Amici Come Prima (Friends Like Before).


  1. Do they do the reverse swap? I’d be tempted to run the swapped photos back to male to see what happens, apart from tearing a hole in the fabric of space-time of course.

  2. Stana -

    Assuming I eventually go for facial feminization surgery, I now have the idea of changes I'd want done at that time.

    Thanks for the link!


  3. Hi Stana,
    Thanks for pointing out this app, I found the results both amazing and a little frightening. I did the same thing and put female me into the app. The result was a cross between my sister and a cousin only I looked better

  4. I am uneasy about that system
    Could it be used to invade someone privacy to find out who they really are in male mode?

    1. This year the FBI bought rights to a private Companies database of over 400 million persons that provides facial identity world-wide. ($aid it was better than theirs).
      Compiled from Drivers and Passport Pictures plus a Titanic robot deep digging of the Internet. Fewer false positives.
      NSA database (part of Echelon) goes back to the early eighties.
      FBI also paid McGill University Computer Science Department to break into TOR browser and to continue to update their access.
      And Cell Phones privacy is even worst, including 🍎.


  5. I can see the other versions of you being uploaded or "accidently leaked" to visual surveillance agencies or companies - but hey, that's just me...🙂

    1. Tanit -

      If this technology exists, I expect that better technology is already in the hands of government. We've already lost the war of privacy and surveillance.


  6. Hi Stana! I just over my Zyler addiction, and now this one ! :)

  7. Stana, I tried the app last night and was surprised that my male pic to female conversion looked almost like your male to female version. I know we are both Polish, and the app will take a large round male head and produce a large round female head, but...................
    Anyway, like you I tried a female pic of me and got a much better, as you did also, female version of myself.
    "And so it goes".
    Angel Amore

  8. Thanks for the link. I've spent too much time trying to make life history of the other me. Great fun, from a 16 year old to age 76/77. The best are those taken of the woman, but even those made from the male base make for almost agreeable aging woman. But with whom can I share?