Friday, February 10, 2023

Changing Interests

Over the years, the more I femulated, the more I paid attention to feminine things. Since there are only so many hours in a day, my new attention to feminine things resulted in less time for other things that previously received my attention. 

My radio hobby definitely took a hit and I certainly did not follow my favorite sports teams as closely as I did in the past. I did not drop my interest in those things completely, but given a choice to attend a radio convention or a crossdresser convention, I would choose the latter over the former. 

One solution I found is to mix femulating with your old interests. For example, I have attended radio conventions en femme numerous times. I have not gone to Fenway Park en femme yet, but if the opportunity arises...

And so it goes.

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Barry Scott
Barry Scott femulating in the 1970 British film Goodbye Gemini.


  1. In the Old Days, sports teams used to have "Ladies Days", with the idea being to spark women's interest in sports . Since that's not an issue any more, Ladies Days have sadly gone the way of rotary phones - thus losing a perfect opportunity to see the Bosox en femme.
    Perhaps Pride Week would be an opportune time for Stana to go to Fenway ?

  2. Stana
    It would be interesting to see how you react in female mode compared with male mode when watching The Redsox play

  3. Of course my situation is a little different, but for many years after I started my transition, my limited interest in sport became more limited ~ pretty much just watching Rugby Internationals on TV ~ the last couple of years I have found my interest rekindled and have even been to my old club a few times ~ and now at the 64 years young I'm about to embark on my first season of motor sport!

  4. Stana, a very good observation. I have to say exactly the same thing applies to me. I have worried about it, but blending my two sides has worked on occasion. But, I have yet to attend the Super Bowl as Lisa, although that might be interesting! Lisa P

  5. The Orioles have sponsored a LGBTQ+ night the past couple of seasons. I haven't been, but I think it is in September.

  6. Melissa RobertsFebruary 10, 2023

    Just curious Stana, what outfit do you think you'd wear to a Sox game?

    1. If the weather is warm, I would wear shorts, a Red Sox T-shirt (I have lots to choose from) and sneakers.

    2. Melissa RobertsFebruary 10, 2023

      Thanks, and when you do cross that off your bucket list, we'll need a picture or two!

  7. A friend of mine is going to a Super Bowl Party (in Phoenix) en femme! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  8. last time I was at Fenway you had to show proof to buy a beer regardless of age. that should be interesting!

  9. Enfemme in Fenway…. Hmmmm couldn’t be worse than when I went in a Yankee jersey. They were at least playing the Yankees, but I wore a lot of beer that day

  10. Well about the Time that my Redskins went Woke and changed their name, was the last time I watched any sport, except three years ago a brand new ice Hockey league started operating here. Just next door to a Red Sox farm team.
    Last hockey team here was in the 70s.......the Rebels.

    I was offended since I am part Cherokee Ancestry that they would drop the Name.