Sunday, February 5, 2023

Someday Funnies: Watch the Birdie

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Colin Baker
Colin Baker


  1. How is this even amusing?
    As a full time transwoman, these comics with a dad and his son "being trans" together is SOO off the mark

    You realize this is ammunition for those (Ron DeSantis et al) who hate us? It leaves one with the impression that adults shape kids into being trans and that is so wrong.

    You have to start looking at your "humour" more through the eyes of transgender detractors. You are telling people who don't know much about trans people that this "humour" is certainly is NOT. Crossdressing with a child/parent is not funny, it's abhorrent that you publish these things.

    Please STOP...


  2. And soo the March of Imposition continues all the way back to the Spanish Inquisition.

  3. The above posting complaining about Stana's funny of the day was not me. We have doppelgangers on this board.
    The other Kathi

  4. It was me... militant Kathi and I stand by every word I wrote. This sort of "humour" isn't funny at all. This site is fairly easy to find and I don't think this bizarre son/dad crossdressing theme (that gets frequent publishing) is in any way good for the transgender community.

    If y'all are just crossdressers, your best life. But stop calling yourselves transgender if you are not putting your life on the line by transitioning.