Thursday, February 23, 2023

Someday Funnies: Bro-Borrowing

Source: Bebe
Wearing Bebe

Gabriel Sanches femulating on Brazilian television’s Pega Pega (The Big Catch).


  1. just before my senior year in high school the girl next door gave my mom, four of her prom dresses as she was leaving for college, that she thought my soon to be high freshman sister might like. But mom thought she couldn't wait the three years before my sister could wear them. So my mother convinced me to model them for her so she could see how they looked. The photo today reminds me of how I looked as I tried each and everyone of them on. (Mom went all out...bra, girdle, garter belt and stockings with low heels) and yes one of her wigs. Been over 50 years but I still remember being her "Queen for a Day" and that's not a pun or play on words. Great funnies today. Always a good laugh to bring home a point.

  2. Beautiful Memory!!!


  3. The photo of Gabriel Sanches makes me think about how we're presented on TV shows around the world. It occurs to me that the producers feel the need for their audiences to be able to be able to see our "maleness", even if they might have to really concentrate (Michael Andrews, for instance). The fact that Stana has used a Brazilian in the photo triggered this thought. Like Stana, I dig into the internet for trans/CD/Drag stories and photos, and the photos of so many Brazilian transwomen are usually stunning -- and even with my well-tuned "Trans-dar" I'm hard-pressed to tell whether the photo is of a trans- or cis-woman. But I "clocked" Gabriel Sanches right away. I guess the producers want their audience to be "in on the secret", but only if they're paying strict attention for the really good ones.