Sunday, February 19, 2023

Stana on a Sunday

My Left Knee

Visited my surgeon on Monday and they removed the bandage. I was surprised that my leg looked better than I expected. They also gave me the green light to start driving again.

My Physical Therapist (PT) visited on Tuesday and said I am at a six-week level of recovery at only three weeks.

Walking outdoors two or three times each day with a one. Indoors, I only use a cane for going up and down stairs. I can do the stairs without a cane, but use it for security.

Last night was the first night since surgery that I was able to sleep through the night without taking Tylenol.

So we are making progress.


Breeze by Raquel Welch
I wanted to mention the passing of actress Raquel Welch

She had two connections with our community. In 1970, she played a transwoman in the film Myra Breckenridge. The film reviews were so bad (“the worst movie ever madethat I never bothered seeing it, although I did read and enjoyed the book that was the basis of the film.

Raquel had a successful business selling wigs. I don’t have to tell you how important wigs are to our community (don’t leave home without it) and over the years, I purchased and wore a couple of Raquel Welch wigs. They were expensive, but you got what you paid for and they were quality products and more importantly, looked good on me, too.

God bless you, Raquel.


  1. I agree with you about Raquel Welch. I just purchased a new Raquel Welch wig a couple weeks ago. They are among my favorite brand of wigs.

  2. Myra Breckenridge sure got my attention way back in the day, Most of male friends were enamored by Raquel's curves, I just loved how glamorous and feminine she was. BTW does any know the name of the wig she is wearing in this post?
    --Paula G

    1. The wig is called Breeze, but that is a model, not Raquel modeling the wig.

    2. Thanks Stana it’s the wig I am interested in Paula G