Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Working Sisters

I was a working stiff for almost 40 years. The companies I worked for employed thousands of people, yet I never encountered another trans sister among my fellow employees.

Admittedly, I kept a lid on my crossdressing the first 30 years, but outed myself with my Halloween femulations the last ten years. Yet, no one ever approached me to introduce themselves as a trans sister, which is understandable. 

Most people are more circumspect than me about our “hobby.” I was probably just as careful about my secret identity before I came out and don't know if I would have come out to a sister co-worker if the opportunity arose, which it never did.

After I retired from ARRIS in 2017, I did discover that one of my blog readers worked at a different ARRIS facility and we knew some of the same people. 

It’s a small world after all.

Source: Intermix
Wearing Jonathan Simkhai

Rodney Chester, Shaun Earl, Jazzmun, Red Savage
Rodney Chester, Shaun Earl, Jazzmun and Red Savage femulating in the 2000 film Punks.


  1. can't stop staring at those heels.. are the bat wings supposed to be on the heel or the toe???

  2. Yes it is a small world sister and I suspect we weren’t the only 2 wearing pantyhose under our Dockers 👗👄💄👠🛍❤️🧚‍♀️😀 Paula G

    1. I had one suspect from yet another facility, who had very plucked eyebrows and empty pierced earring holes.

    2. Add me to your list of sisters who has been wearing panties and pantyhose under pants to work for years.

      Several years ago, a woman got onto the elevator with me wearing the same patterned hose I had on under my pants. I spent the entire ride up to the 7th floor wondering if I should tell her. Alas, i did not.

      Ciao! Elise

  3. Kudos for the "Notary Sojac" in the first illustration !

    1. I was a "Smokey Stover" fan like forever, but only recently discovered that Notary Sojac is Gaelic for "Merry Christmas" (Nodlaig Sodhach), according to Stover creator Bill Holman.

    2. I will have to remember that for this coming holiday season !