Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Someday Funnies: Keeping Up with the Hubby

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Bert Wheeler
Bert Wheeler femulating in the 1931 film Peach O'Reno.


  1. I can understand Natalie not being very happy
    Women do not like competition from other women
    In her eyes having to compete against her own husband is going too far

    1. I used to take my wife who was wearing shorts to doctors' appointment while wearing a dress. She was not too pleased.


    2. On Saturday I wore a houndstooth skirt. In my city seeing a skirt, let alone a skirt in cold weather, is a rare event. So it goes without saying that 5 minutes after I settled into the cafe with a coffee in walked another woman also wearing a houndstooth skirt. Although I can without malice say that I wore it best, I was still mightily peeved! She sat two arm chairs away with her husband in the middle, I don’t think he knew where to look.

    3. I would try to look not *quite* as good. Making her look better in comparison.

  2. John
    Your wife could have worn pants
    In the UK wearing the trousers (pants) in a relationship means they are the boss

  3. Heather here. I'm on my laptop in Massachusetts. Supposed to be vacationing and visiting my parents but I had the pleasure of bringing 84 year old Mom to the ER last Friday. I'm taking care of Dad, while the doctors take care of Mom.

    My supportive spouse jokes that I'm too high maintenance because I choose to use mascara and eyebrow tint before I go out. But she's really happy for me and happy that I'm living my best life.

    Also as I said I'm in Massachusetts. I flew into Bradley on Southwest from Las Vegas. I did it! I wore a skirt to fly! It was glorious! I even chose to arrive at the house in my skirt and turtleneck. No, this isn't the reason Mom's in the hospital. She cannot keep any food or drink down. Hopefully the doctors figure out what's happening. Mom now knows that I have pierced ears. I don't think she's too happy with my choice. Dad said that I looked great. My nail polish is really chipping away, I may need to buy a bottle and do a touch-up before I leave.

    I'll try to take a selfie from the airport or plane when I'm on my return flight.

    Heather D Waters