Thursday, November 3, 2022

Cap It Off

My New Wig
Noriko Reese Large Cap
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Meg asked if I wear a wig cap. I answered that I do not.

As a novice femulator, I always wore a wig cap under my wig. Not sure why. Other wig wearers wore wig caps, so I assumed they knew what they were doing and I just followed their lead. I thought that maybe it helped hide your real hair (if you had any), but I was never sure.

Large cap size head that I have, most wig caps were too tight and often left red welts on my forehead. Occasionally, a tight wig cap would give me a headache, too. Also, wig caps added an extra layer underneath the wig, which cooked my head and resulted in perspiration especially in the warmer weather. Sweat running down my made-up visage did not make for a pretty picture.

The last straw was when a tight wig cap worked its way off my head and ended up all balled-up under my wig! After that, I swore off wig caps and since then, I had no more wig cap welts, headaches and perspiration. And my wigs did not notice the difference – they stayed in place and did not stray from my head.

There are some benefits to wearing a wig cap. You can read about them here, but they do not apply to me and I will remain wig capless ’til the day I dye.

Warning, Will Robinson – This post is an edited rerun!

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Theory

Alexander Vlahos
Alexander Vlahos (right) femulating in French television’s Versailles


  1. Warning Will Robinson when we are boomer would get that reference

    I feel the same way about we caps

    They are just playing too hot to wear under a wig, I’ve always enjoyed wearing a wig in the cold winter months up here because it kept my head warm however in the summer it would camp is pure torture

    I believe that wig retailers would use the cabs to protect their merchandise and for that reason, they became a standard, also if you are a woman was a full head of hair and we careful would put it all down and make wearing a wig easier however we don’t have that problem

    I am really interested in your new wings that you have it really looks great on you and I am searching for a replacement to my old Paula Young, Beth model wig

    Can you share the place where you bought it did you buy it online?

    Paula G

  2. Yes, cap it off as far as I’m concerned! I used to use wig caps, and Stana, you’re right about them. They can be uncomfortably tight, they can be way too hot (especially here in Florida!) and yes, I’ve had them ball up under my wig. And … they can make it easy for a wig to fall off! This actually happened to me. I was in the dentist’s chair (yes, if I have to go to the dentist I might as well be comfy 😉), tilted all the way back and yep, the wig fell off! (Everyone in the office knows about me…) My dentist and I had a laugh about it (the cap was still in place) but ever since I’ve ditched the cap. My hair (what there is of it) is curt short, so I really don’t need one – and now I wear a head band to the dentist to keep everything in place.

  3. My head has been classified as “medium” by the hat and helmet industrial complex and if I don’t wear a wig cap, my wig is apt to wander around a bit. They do make net style which are cooler in the summer but at this time of year the little extra warmth is welcome.

  4. I was just thinking about this topic today. Seriously. I'm still unsure, meaning not fully confident, and I have a lot of questions of what looks best. Like, am I doing this right? Could it look better? I have a large head, and I don't wear a wig cap. I do worry about heat as well, as I am very active at work and I tend to run hot. I wear my wigs everyday at work and mainly get compliments on them (or my nails) so I just go with what works best for me. Now I just need to get more confident with my makeup. Thank you Stana - you help a lot. - Brooke