Thursday, November 17, 2022

Very Suitable

There's a lot of truth to my Dress Barn ad parody. They didn’t have Transfashion Specialists at Dress Barn, but their sales reps might as well have been Transfashion Specialists.

I shopped at Dress Barn frequently. The staff at the local store knew me in boy and girl mode and they were very good at making me look my best as a woman no matter which gender I shopped in.

One time, I was shopping for a new dress in boy mode and the sales rep suggested a frock that I would have never given a second look. I tried it on and was not thrilled with the way it looked on me in boy mode, which is often the case trying on womenswear en homme.

The sales rep sensed my lack of enthusiasm, but urged me to buy the dress because she “knew” it would look good on me en femme. If not, I could always return it for a full refund.

I trusted her opinion, bought the dress and when I wore it en femme, it looked gorgeous and received lots of compliments.

Go figure.

Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor



  1. I truly miss Dress Barn, they were trans friendly

    I had so many positive experiences

    There was a dress barn in Chelmsford Massachusetts, where the sales associate must’ve sensed that I was shopping for myself and opened up a room and encourage me to try on several different outfits, very much a watershed moment for me, incoming out more and more and accepting myself

    I was on business ones in Lubbock Texas, and was shopping in boy mode, the sales associate there just came right out and asked me to try on some dresses she picked out, I got hey beautiful suit for $25, Because of the sale

    Fashion bug seem to be another place that was very trans friendly before the tipping point came

    Paula G

  2. Dress Barn and Long Tall Sally were great resource. Shadowline Lingerie and Miss Elaine are my night time, go to places

  3. Avenue and Catherine's were my go-to stores, but both shut down their retail operations early in the COVID "plague". I still buy from Avenue online, big, wide shoes, for instance, but there's nothing like leaving a store with my female clothing, knowing how it fits and looks because I tried them on before paying for them!

  4. agree with Paula G re: wonderful Fashion Bug.The 1st day I decided to be Emily they gave me a bra fitting while I was in male mode

  5. Rachel McNeillNovember 20, 2022

    My go-to places are LL Bean, Ann Taylor, Long Tall Sally, J.Jill, sometimes Lands End. Quality has slipped for the last company in recent years. All of them have an ample assortment of things in Tall sizes.