Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Getting Fit

In the past, I have complained here that after losing weight, many of my shoes are loose. 

Elegantly walking in heels is difficult if your stilettos are loose. I have tried various inserts to pad out my loose shoes, but they do not help much. They work if your shoes are slightly loose, but if your shoes are a size too big, then they are useless. The only fix is to purchase new shoes in a smaller size. 

Brick and mortar Payless is long gone and there are no stores around here that carry shoes in sizes that my feet require, so online shopping is the only option. But I have been leery about that option because I am not sure what size I need. I assume size 11-1/2 or 11 would fit, but who knows!

Online Christmas shopping last week, I decided to do some shopping for myself and at the top of my wish list were heels that fit. I searched Amazon and found a pair of patent leather stiletto pointed toe 2.5-inch mid-heel pumps by a company called Odernee.

I decided what they heck and ordered the heels in the nude patent color size 11 and they arrived two days later. I tried them on and was happy with the fit. They are comfortably tight and will not fall off my feet. 

And I was so happy with my purchase that I ordered another pair in black patent. (By the way, the shoes come in a huge variety of colors.)

Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor

German professional femulator
A German professional femulator, circa 1910.


  1. After surgery on my right foot I needed to wear wider shoes than before and found Avenue had good ones for me. I prefer to try them on, but Avenue shut down it's brick-and-mortar stores and I have to order online -- but the sizing is reliable. They don't have much in the way of high heels, but maybe I'm just not lookin because my foot surgery made it very difficult for me to walk in high heels.

    For more stylish shoes in a size 12 I suggest taking a look at Macy's online store. Fat chance of finding big shoes at their stores, but they have a lot of larger shoes available online. I've also found a smaller number of size 12 at Clarks,com. They have a fair amount of larger sizes, but not so many are available in size 12, but they have plenty in size 11 -- and they're very well made shoes. By the way, Clark's has a good sale going on right now.

  2. I get my shoes from Footprints on the Berlin Turnpike in Newington, they have a wide selection of large shoe sizes and their staff will measure you feet to get the proper size shoe for you.
    My problem is one foot is a size larger than the other, so they have to build up the shoe for my left foot because my right foot is the larger foot.
    I will be going there around the first of the year for my “dress shoes” New Balance sneakers. :)

  3. I have the opposite problem, having recently gone into semi retirement I find a lot of my clothes, and shoes are getting uncomfortably snug ~ since I'm not prepared to buy yet another full wardrobe, I am about to embark on a training regime at my local gym.

  4. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one buying themselves a new pair of shoes for Christmas! 4.5" black stilettos from Pleaser, which has a large variety of larger-sized, super-sexy shoes.

    Conversion from men's to women's sizing sure is a confusing game! I always used to read to get a woman's shoe 2 sizes larger than your man's shoe size. But I wear a 10.5 in men's and an 11 in women's fits me perfectly. Go figure!

    Ciao! Elise

    1. The 2 sizes rule is a general guide. Your mileage may vary... like me. My feet are usually swimming in women's shoes two sizes larger than my boy shoes.

    2. I back up the 2 sizes rule. My men's shoe size is 9 while my women's size is 11.

  5. Question for the Femulate crowd, where to buy heels for us ladies that need size 13? What online sites to visit? I see the shoe Stana lists does come in 13 but for me I am not ready for that thin a heal, lol. It is a pretty shoe though!

    1. I did an Amazon search on "size 13 womens shoes" and it came back with the following: size 13 womens shoes. You can do a similar search for other sizes.

  6. I am a lucky size 10 us women's so I can find shoes almost everywhere. I switched to only women's shoes over a decade ago after discovering my ankle problems (multiple reconstructions) was caused by ill-fitting men's shoes. I'm (was) a men's 9.5 3E, so the 2 size rule was different for me.
    I'm size 10 in many different brands but go up to a size 11 in some brands, such as Jessica Simpson's because they are a bit narrow and pointy. I rather buy shoes (heels) in person and try them on. I have a high arch and I can tell right away if they fit or not. It's about 50% when buying on-line.
    I bought some JLO OTK boots with a 4" heel during the weekend sale ... I hope they fit.
    One of the wises things I have ever heard was from a woman in the clearance racks at a DSW: "Life's too short for heels that don't fit."

  7. I’m lucky that I have narrow feet. Women’s shoes fit me perfectly. From sneakers to boots. I haven’t worn men’s shoes for 30 years.

  8. The images of the shoes you purchased appear to be renderings, and there are no reviews. Here's hoping you'll share pictures of the shoes and let us know what they're like (how shiny are they, really, and where does the upper material fall in the pliable-stiff spectrum?).

    1. The shoes are as shiny as they appear in the photos on Amazon. The upper material is typical for a high heel... not so pliable that they will fall off your feet, but pliable enough to give just a little.