Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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I wear clip-on earrings, but they are getting harder to find. Avon stopped selling them and last time I visited the mall shopping for them, I came home empty-handed. 

A few days ago, while placing another Amazon order, I thought that since Amazon sells just about everything, maybe they sell clip-on earrings, too. A quick search revealed that they do sell clip-ons and I ordered two sets (these* and those*).

They arrived today and I am happy with y purchase. A nice feature is that unlike the clip-ons I already owned, the clips on these are tiny and look like pierced earrings.


I was very surprised to learn that Virgin Atlantic Airways announced updates to its gender identity policy that include allowing staff to wear gender pronoun badges and eliminating the gendered uniform requirement. Now, Virgin staff can select which uniform they want to wear. (Source: LGBTQNation)

To add icing on the cake, Virgin Atlantic job applications doubled after they allowed women to wear pants and men to wear skirts. (Source: LGBTQNation)

Wow! I think I would feel very comfortable flying en femme on Virgin Atlantic!


My good friend Ann Onymous, commenting on yesterday’s post, wrote, “We need a photo of Stana in the dress...”

A photo of me wearing the Venus cocktail dress appears to the above right. I was a little hesitant publishing it because after viewing it, I thought it would look better if I was wearing dark sheer hosiery rather than the black opaque tights.

And so it goes.

* These links go to Amazon.

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Virgin Atlantic flight attendants
Virgin Atlantic flight attendants wearing his/her uniforms. You can view Virgin Atlantic’s short video introducing the new uniform policy on YouTube. 


  1. Stana
    There are little clips which enable you to wear "normal" earings without pierced ears available
    Both Amazon and Ebay sell them
    I searched using "clip on earing adapters"

  2. Hi Stana, i have loads of earrings, most of which are for pierced ears but converted. Look for earring converters on Amazon, they are best for drop earrings but you can do studs too
    Helen in the UK

    1. I have used them. Using them satisfactorily depends on the style of pierced earring. They just don't work well with certain styles.

  3. With glitz and sparkle, I think dark sheers would be better. A similar green?
    I wish I had your legs!

  4. I bought some sets of various sized clip-on hoops from Amazon last year which have been a real asset. They are comfortable and the clips are barely noticeable. People are very surprised when told that my ears aren't pierced.

    Jenny Shaw

  5. For clip ons, try vintage or antique shops. They used to be the norm. Also, when I was hunting in Macy's or somesuch store, I'd look *through* the rotating earring racks ~ you can see which backs are clips at a glance through the plexiglass!

    I used to say I didn't want pierced ears because it was too expensive (I'd buy too many earrings). But I've been a good girl and it's been almost three years and I only have a couple of dozen pairs. :)

  6. Stana , I'd highly recommend getting your ears pierced . I've had both ears double pierced for probably 20 years at this point , and have never gotten any negative comments .
    And having pierced ears allows you so many options that clip-ons can't match .

  7. I also prefer clip ons - thanks for the links
    And that dress looks Fan-TAS-tic!

  8. Macy's online has quite a number of clip earrings. I've gotten my last 5-6 pairs from them.

  9. Since I've put on my big girl panties and have come out at work, I think that as long as my body doesn't do bad things like it did last time I flew I may travel from Las Vegas to Bradley fully en femme on Southwest. For my last trip in September, I wore shorts and a white tee shirt over a bra filled with my largest breast forms.
    I'm flying on Thanksgiving, I don't know if I'll wear a dress or a top and leggings. I think the dress will be less practical in November because I'll really dislike dealing with wearing nylons while traveling.
    I know I've threatened to do this in the past but I think this is happening!

  10. Don’t know if you tried it before but Cliptomania has a load of clip on earrings.