Monday, November 14, 2022

All Dressed Up...

In July, I ordered a green sequins cocktail dress from Venus. When I placed the order, Venus informed me that it was back-ordered. That was not a problem because I had no cocktail parties scheduled in my immediate future.

During the summer, Venus regularly emailed me that the dress was still back-ordered with a tentative shipping date in late October and an option to cancel at any time. I wanted the dress and did not cancel.

The local LGBT group has a big dressy event in the fall, which I have attended in the past. This year, the event was scheduled for early November, which coincided nicely with the delivery of the dress in late October. Now I had someplace to wear the dress, but I had two issues: my knee and the events $200 price of admission.

I had an appointment with my knee doctor three weeks before the event. If he gave my knee a shot, my knee might be in good enough shape to attend the event. He did give me the shot and three weeks later, my knee felt great.

The dress arrived on time, looked great and looked good on me, so I was moved to spend the tax-deductible $200 for a ticket to the event. After all, where else could I wear the dress before the meds in my knee wore off.

Diana had contacted me previously about attending the event with her (a girls’ night out). I told her about my issues and said I would get back to her. Now that all systems were go, I contacted her, but she was stuck on the Cape and could not attend. I did not want to go alone, so I cancelled my plans.

I don’t know where I will wear the dress... maybe a Christmas party. Meanwhile, I am all dressed up and nowhere to go.

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Russian Imperial School of Jurisprudence
Students at the Russian Imperial School of Jurisprudence emulating gypsy men and women, circa 1910.


  1. We need a photo of Stana in the dress. they seem to have some fantastic clothes. Bravo

  2. That could have been the title of my life for about 10 years - until I started sharing Julie with a couple of girl friends. That helped build my confidence to go out alone, and to open up to a few more friends.