Friday, April 1, 2022

More Femulating Fun

I attended the Avon representatives Christmas party en femme in 2006. There were approximately 75 in attendance and as I expected, I was the only male Avon representative at the party.

I also guessed correctly that I would be one of the best dressed at the party, but what I did not expect was that it was no contest! I was WAY overdressed for the party. Most of the other reps wore slacks or jeans with tops and a minority wore skirts with tops. I was the only rep wearing a dress (see the accompanying photo).

As I arrived at the hotel, I saw how the other reps (on their way to the party) were dressed and I had a lot of trepidation attending the party myself the way I was dressed. I actually considered hightailing it out of there. But, as I contemplated my next move in the lobby of the hotel, my district manager greeted me and urged me to go into the party despite expressing my uneasiness about being overdressed.

I signed in at the registration table, received a gift, a raffle ticket and a name badge. I did not know what name (my real name or my femme name) to put on the badge, so I did not bother wearing it.

After registering, I looked for an empty chair and a friendly face. Everyone looked at me as I walked into the area where everyone was seated. From some of their facial expressions, I felt that they thought I was overdressed, too.

When I found an empty chair, I asked if it was taken and it was not, so I sat down. There were five reps at my table: one older, three about my age and one younger. They were all very pleasant and included me in their conversation.

Everyone I encountered throughout the evening was very friendly, as if I had known them for years. When I rose to get a drink or go to the powder room, I noticed people checking me out. And when I was in line for the buffet, I could not help noticing all the other folks in line checking me out closely. But I never heard a discouraging word and saw a lot of smiles directed at me.

At the end of the evening, I said goodbye to my district manager and she gave me a big hug. As we separated, I said that we had never met in person and I wanted to introduce myself. I said, “I am (my real name).”

She said, “I know.”

Source: Bebe
Wearing Bebe

Source: Bebe
Wearing Bebe

Billy “Koro” Halle
Professional femulator Billy “Koro” Halle, circa 1920


  1. Lovely legs and nails, Stana!

  2. Stana, tell us about "Wearing Bebe".We all know there are a number of incredible TG/CD models out there. My question pops up because of the model's larger hands and that she crosses her legs the way we Femulators do. In fact, she crosses them exactly the same way "Koro" did back in 1920. Her shoulders? They could be wider than the average woman or they could be padded. I know the first thing I have to do when I get a new jacket is to remove the shoulder pads.

    1. That Bebe photo is very atypical for Bebe. Usually there is a model standing, never sitting in front of a blank background. I am clueless as to the birth sex of this model, but anything is possible these days! Anyway, I added a second photo of the same model in the Femulate Her slot above.

      BTW I selected the Bebe and Koro photos to complement my crossed legs photo!

    2. I didn't miss the crossed legs, yours R over L and the others L over R. I still can't decide on the Bebe model. Her shoulders don't appear as wide, due, I think to the different camera angles. Her hands are still quite large and her figure is straight up and down. Perhaps a true Femulator would have done something about the lack of curves.

    3. The what now? Women cross their legs in what way? I googled “women crossing legs” and didn’t get anything odd.

    4. I believe today’s date is coming into play here.

  3. Thanks Girls!
    I have never caught the r over l event mode before.
    I always copied my grandmother from age five.
    Left over Right until it became my most comfortable option...

    WoW, Six Decades later I am still learning to be a Woman 👠.
    Got to match my girls, still loving them too.


  4. I was once told by a GG friend that a Lady can never be overdressed and that's the standard I go by.
    As for the legs it's something I've never taken notice of as I find my legs are a little ambidextrous