Monday, April 18, 2022

My Achy Left Foot

Thursday, I had to attend another Zoom meeting of my ham radio club’s board of directors. Since I am the only girl on the board, I like to dress pretty and had a new sleeveless dress to wear that demanded that I shave body parts I have not shaved while I was recuperating from my osteoarthritis. 

Wednesday morning, I spent about 45 minutes shaving those body parts and was surprised it did not take as long as I expected. (All those years using chemicals to remove leg hair have taken its toll and the hair on my legs is very sparse, which simplified that part of the hair removal process.)

Mid-Thursday morning, I began getting ready for the 1 PM Zoom meeting. I was good to go about a 45 minutes early, so I decided to experiment with different shoes to see how my achy left foot would get along with different footwear.

My Nine West slingback pumps with four-inch heels lasted about five minutes. Next I tried a pair of over-the-knee boots from Just Fab, which were more comfortable than the slingbacks, but not by much. So I switched to a pair of Nine West pumps with a kitten heel. They were pain-free and I wore them for the remainder of the afternoon.

I also wore my new A-line houndstooth dress from Venus and was very pleased with its quality and its fit, as well as how nice it looked on me, in my humble opinion (see the accompanying photo).

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Wearing New York & Company

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  1. Stana, you look amazing in your photo! I wish I had something more to say but I don't, just amazing!

  2. I had a Zoom meeting also last week.
    It was a Zoom meeting on Friday for Connecticut Governor’s Lamont Advisory Council on Hate Crimes, so I threw on a blouse over my nightgown and my pink fuzzy slippers.

  3. Hope your feet feel better and you’re able to get out in the world again expressing that special part of you

  4. Age-related alopecia has its benefits ... I used to marvel that my 80-year-old grandaunt had almost no hair on her legs and arms. She claimed that 70 years of wearing stockings had worn it all off. (She might have been right.)

    Now that I am in my mid-60s, I, too, rejoice in a near-absence of leg and armpit hair. Thankfully my head hair is still mostly in place. We shall not speak of ear and nose hair.

    I hope that your feet soon behave themselves, so that you can climb back atop your favorite high heels.