Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Someday Funnies

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Filipe Duarte
Filipe Duarte femulating in the 2007 Portuguese film A Outra Margem


  1. Stana, your dress is incredible

  2. I read your column from a couple days ago or so about wearing what I call ultra feminine underware with the exception of gloves. I wear full longline bras, high waisted long leg girdles with sexy sheer stockings, all in one briefs, panties/briefs, slip(s), arm length gloves, scarves, hats and earrings etc., That's how I define my basic femininity at this time. Ms.Stana, Mrs.Wanda Nylon and Dame Edna along with some other ladies are my role models when it comes to retro/vintage fashions & clothing for older, mature women. I miss seeing Ms. Joan Rivers due to her unique fashion style/sense of humor!!! She taught me through her humor what isn't ladylike as well as what is and I also believe that in order to achieve total femininity as a woman you must work daily on improving each and every area of your life including setting attainable goals.
    Hugs & Kisses, Ms. S.A.S.

  3. I suggest that Mr Marshbank is the lady in the middle of the picture. The other lady has her nose in the air and a downer of a lip expression suggesting she is dissatisfied. With the two of them being such beauties, Mr Marshbank would already think all his dreams had come true.
    Penny from Edinburgh.

  4. I have had something like that happen in real life. A physical therapist came over to treat my wife. I was wearing a dress, and I have long hair and a bust. The therapist asked which one of us was Mary. I pointed to my wife and said, "Here she is".


  5. Mr Marshbanks has taken passing to a new level

  6. AnonymousMay 01, 2022

    Simply Lovely