Thursday, April 14, 2022

Someday Funnies

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Free the Roses

Alan Manson
Alan Manson femulating in the 1943 film This is the Army.
You can view this femulating-packed film on YouTube.


  1. Can you imagine if the US Army tried a show like this today?

  2. Alan Manson NOT a civilian!

  3. "This is the Army", the gift that keeps on giving -- all wrapped up in the flag!

  4. Let's not make men totally obsolete, we'll need some sperm donors to keep our species going! Nobody says the men of the future need to look like men, but they do need to "produce".

  5. I remember reading a story about the British version of the USO. Much as the did with Alan Turing, WWII was an "All hands on deck" approach and everybody joined in. Many gays joined in their version of the USO and entertained British troops around the world. The Aussies and "Kiwis" did the same. Once the war was over many of them kept their stage troupes together and toured as "soldiers in skirts" companies. But once the war was over, the harsh British laws about gay activities were once again enforced and what was overlooked during the war was once again illegal. What happened to Alan Turing was awful, but as long as those "soldiers in skirts" kept their "activities" out of sight people got to see some great shows and we get to see all those lovely photos.

  6. Could the Roman tunic, a short sleeved dress in all but name, worn by the Roman Army be brought up to date and worn by men again?

  7. Looks like Cindy has had some enhancements. Looking more like a Lesbian relationship.
    They look sooo happy.

  8. Hi Stana,
    Many a truth is said in jest? I like the Female Superiority and male
    feminization idea. On another note, in a previous post I thought you mentioned
    that you had a plan to go out to dinner with your wife and daughter. Did you do
    this? Is your daughter accepting of Stana?


    1. I don't recall that mention, but I have been out with my wife and daughter in the past. My daughter is very accepting.

  9. Hi Stana,
    Does Female Superiority and male feminization appeal to you?