Friday, April 22, 2022

Slipped My Mind

I am so old that when I started femulating, nylon stockings had seams (that a lady had to keep straight). B
eneath her outfit, a lady always wore a girdle and a slip. And to complete her outfit, a hat and gloves. Except for hats, I admit to wearing all those items. 

Early on as a novice femulator, seamed stockings gave way to seamless stockings, which soon gave way to pantyhose, Meanwhile, gloves, hats, girdles and slips disappeared from most ladies’ wardrobes.

To this day, I still wear a girdle and my hosiery switches between thigh-highs and pantyhose depending on the length (or lack thereof) of my skirt. I gave up wearing gloves long ago because gloves did not get along with my press-on nails. But it slipped my mind why I stopped wearing slips.

Slips are helpful when you are wearing other layers like bras or shapewear, since slips smooth over any bumps from hardware, closures or digging waistbands. Without a slip, your outer layers of a blouse or dress may hug to these other items, but wearing a slip gives you more coverage for smooth lines. Spanx sells undies that serve a similar purpose, but they are not as elegant as a classic slip.

I invite you to read Angela Friedman’s “Top reasons to wear a silk slip.” Here is a summary of her top seven reasons...

1. Keep your legs from sticking to your skirt fabric

2. Keep your fancy dresses clean for a 2nd wearing

3. Add a layer under a semi-sheer outfit

4. Feel like a glamorous, Old Hollywood starlet

5. For a peek of lace - and prevent wardrobe malfunctions

6. Smooth your silhouette and hide VPL

7. Life is too short to wear ugly pajamas!

...but read the whole article and you will be motivated to slip on a slip like I am. 

By the way, last week I watched one of my favorite science fiction films, The Time Machine, and I noted that in the year 802,701, all men and women wore dresses (see photo above). I also noted that no one wore slips under their dresses. How unladylike!

Source: Bebe
Wearing Bebe

Femulating in the mid-1960’s


  1. Hi Stana, I too began femulating in the early 60's with girdles and stockings. I still love that look, and if I could find some decent girdles and long-line bras I would purchase them. I agree about a slip. It felt so good to have one on (and you are right dresses did not 'cling' when you wore one). I also feel the same way about petty coats (so I guess I'm a 50's throwback). By the way, the George Pal version of the Time Machine is one of my all-time favorites too. (As a young boy I wished I could look like Yvette Mimieux, when I saw her in the movie for the first time in the early 60s.)

  2. Stana,

    I totally agree with you, slips are wonderful. If you have never tried them you are in for a surprise. Try Vanity Fair..


  3. Lovely 1960's femulator. I've just checked the wardrobe: ( slips one ivory, one white, three black, short and lacy midi, with lace at the bust and long and slinky for wearing under loger dresses. Yes, I am probably th only woman in my immediate circle (all BFFs) who still wears a slip. Not all dresses are lined, especially the cheaper ones, so a slip adds to the look.


  4. Sometime in the 1990s-2000s, women started wearing slips AS dresses. "Regular" dresses began being offered fully lined, so that one did not have to wear a slip underneath.

    I agree that slips are very useful undergarments. I prefer mine to be all-cotton ... not as slippery and slinky as silk or nylon, but much more comfortable in a hot and humid climate. But I still line many of my skirts and dresses so that I don't have to bother with a slip. All those extra straps to fall off my shoulders and impede my arm motion, you know.

  5. A very attractive lady dressed in the style of the times and appropriately for her age. The mid sixties and I was just starting to take my 1st tentative steps into the wonderful world of Femulation

  6. If slips were good for my mother, they're perfect for me. Might I add a #8 to the above list? Slips just feel good against my body. I love the smooth silkiness as the slip caresses my skin. Whoo! I think I need to go put on one of my slips now!

  7. Stana, thank you so much for today's blog post about slips. It really speaks to me! Slips to me are my favorite feminine garment. Growing up in the 80's ladies wearing slips and slip peaks were very common. Slips seemed to disappear in the 90's with the "grunge" era and skirts being almost universally lined.

    I see myself as a flag bearer of slips today. I always wear a full/half slip with a skirt regardless if it is lined or not (and a camisole under a blouse). I just feel like wearing a slip is essential as wearing panties. It is part of the uniform. I tend to dress conservatively and modestly. And it also makes me feel very feminine and elegant. That feeling makes me happy and proud.

    I prefer nylon slips to cotton because of the frictionless material. I hate that it is harder to find slips these days and if you do they are more utilitarian with minimal lace. Not like the old days were lacy slips were very common.

    I guess today most people associate slips with old/mature ladies? I am middle aged, but I love them. Slips will always be a staple of my wardrobe moving forward for sure.

    Thanks again for this post about slips, Stana!

    1. For me just the same,my first skirt i tried on was mothers hollywood half slip tan with broad white lace bottom she stood beside me...from there onshe feminized me

  8. Two practical reasons for wearing a slip are:-
    The extra layer keeps you warm
    It protects your modesty if the sun is low and your dress or skirt is thin

  9. I can remember when lingerie departments had many racks of slips, like the photo above. Now, when I want to buy a slip I have to search around the lingerie department to find where the slips are hidden.

  10. thanks ! haven't seen the time machine in decades. don't remember the scene you mention. but DO remember this : ( please note the smirk.... )

  11. thanks! haven't seen that movie since i was a kid. don't remember anything else from it except this : .
    ( not something i'd care to see in a mirror ) ! note the smirk .