Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Getting Good to Go

On my last trip to Hamvention
(Hope it’s not my last trip to Hamvention!)
Lazy lady that I am, I stopped shaving my body parts when it was evident that my osteoarthritis would prevent me from going out en femme any time soon. 


“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To put on a dress and go out en femme.”

I am feeling better and have been invited to lunch with some lady friends later this month. I think I can manage a few hours out especially if I wear flats, but now I face the daunting task of removing all that hair!

I thought about cheating and wearing black tights to avoid shaving my legs, but I still have to deal with the rest of my body hair and removing leg hair is relatively easy and so it goes.

By the way, I have sent my regrets to my ham radio friends informing them that I will not be going to Ohio next month to attend Hamvention. I may be good to go out to a local restaurant for a few hours, but I am not quite good to go to Dayton and be on and off my feet for the three-day convention.

I so look forward to my Hamvention trips and was very much looking forward to going this year especially since the convention was cancelled the last two years due to the pandemic. But I finally bit the bullet, put on my big girl panties and admitted that this year was a no-go, too.

Darn it!

Source: Rue La La
Wearing A.L.C. dress and Valentino tote and sandals

Three gorgeous girls out
Three gorgeous girls out in their LBD‘s


  1. I am glad you have an excuse to go out even if the three days of Hamvention would be too much. Somehow, I cannot evisage you with body hair at all. Every picture of you I've seen you look perfectly groomed and I assumed that you stayed that way all the time. It was quite strange to reading that sentence.

    1. I was very depressed about my failing health and femulating was a low priority. I even considered not blogging (!), but blogging took my mind off my problem and so it goes.

    2. You touch on a very interesting subject here, Stana, because I wonder how many other gals find it hard to put in the work when not feeling well. I, too, was somewhat surprised that you didn't maintain during this recent difficult time but completely understand because I think it is hard to put on our best when we are not feeling our best.

  2. It's hell finally admitting that the body starts to rebel as we get older.

  3. We all must do what is best for our health, even when it gets in the way of what we want to do. Take care of yourself, Sweetie, and remember - Baby Steps now allow you to take Larger Strides later.

  4. Thats a very nice picture of you in today's post

    As for not shaving I saw these a few weeks ago great for those who can't shave their legs

  5. Don't we have a luncheon on the 27 with the group?

    1. Yes - that is what I was referring to when I wrote “have been invited to lunch with some lady friends later this month.” LOL

    2. I want you so so bad to be a woman I tried to be a good woman I want to feel beautiful love to wear my skirts and dresses

  6. You even HAVE flats?