Thursday, March 31, 2022

A Very Successful Transgender Day of Visibility

Source: Carla Ruiz
Wearing Carla Ruiz

Stanley Holloway
Stanley Holloway femulating in the 1951 British film One Wild Oat.


  1. This will be my last TDOV before retirement. I don't plan full-femme, but I will be visible (although if past experience means anything, no-one will say anything). I'm still not sure on my final look, but I can write a recap. Warning: it might be dull. :)

  2. Quite the change to Alfred P Doolittle ('Liza's father) in My Fair Lady on stage and screen!

  3. From the Hindustan Times (.) Com

    US President Biden says 14% of his 1,500 agency appointees identify as LGBTQ
    Joe Biden's 1,500 federal agency appointees identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer, he said on ...


    My ❓ Question, since the Federal Schedule C employees appointed by the US President now numbers over 4,000 persons......

    What about ALL the Rest ???